Barons & Politics

Note: This is part of the setting of the world that our Steampunk personas come from, which is also content for the game we are working on. 

There are three forms of primary government, and two types of politics. There is the Colonial Airship Governance commanded by the Captain (as mentioned in “Aircrafts” – a later article). There is Inner Rock Governance headed by the peoples choice of Mayor and City representatives. There is Inner Rock Governance headed by the an Monarch or Matriarch that descended from the survivors who lead the Rocks back when the Explosion first happened, and never moved to a democratic system. Then there are the Outer Rocks who still struggle with leadership and don’t have well established Governances.

At the face of politics, you have the Governances, where everyone has the same recognized form of currency, trade agreements, and general politics. The second type of politics involves the Barons. The Barons are the men and women who run the mining rocks. They have the means and resources to move mining rocks and employ the man power to extract the coal needed for steampower. The Barons are some of the wealthiest and most political people on the rocks. They run the behind-the-scenes politics. Though they have no official role in politics, they are the true movers and shakers in the world. What they have control over is priceless.

Their are only a few types of Barons… the Coal Barons who provide the majority of the coal needed for Steampower; the Water Barons who always seem to know where the water sources are located; the Land Barons who acquire habitable land for crowded colonies, farming, and live stock raising; and then there’s the Aether Barons who deal in the Black Market. Aether Barons are the most disliked and dirty of the political scene, and yet the most powerful of the Barons.

The Aether Barons (well, any Barons really) want to know how Diesel works and how to make it. They offer value to anyone who can give them information or… bring them a Pirate. Yeah right! No one in their right mind is going to capture a Pirate, right?



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