Steampunk Summers: PART 3

By now, after reading Part 1 and Part 2,  the engineers and really creative makers are thinking up fancy ways to beat the heat with cooling systems. This is where the Steampunk community shines… but I’m not an engineer. I can tell you some of our crews ideas and share some of the ideas that other crews have shared with us. You may have do a little research to figure out how to do these things yourself or commission a crew like Airship Isabella.
Here’s an easy one… put some of your clothing in a fridge or freezer for an hour to give you a cool start on a hot day. Please don’t freeze your dry clean only apparel or you’ll ruin it! I’d suggest also not freezing underwear as these would cover very sensitive areas of the body.

At Nightmare Machine, the Captain was introduced to a corked shot glass filled with ice. I wore it between my cleavage for that last day at the convention and it was quite nice. It keeps the cold near your heart and adds a little more cooling to that important chest/head area.
We’ve used battery operated fans at outdoor concerts in the summer, and those are great! We already mentioned this idea in Part 2, but we thought it would be nice to mention again. You can also get misting fans. At some point, someone mentioned the use of reverse steam misters in some designs.
There was a gentleman at the convention who had a computer fan installed into his top hot to keep his head cool. I can’t imagine this being very hard, and computer fans are generally cheap (under $10). Just make sure to pay attention to the size of the fan you are buying.
I’ve talked with Airship Isabella crew members about breather units used inside of masks. They mentioned a camel back  system or water bladder system, but you’d have to ask them for details. They are always happy to help other Steampunkers with Do-It-Yourself projects, or commission a mask for you. I’ve seen some dandy masks on their tables – have you seen the Madhatter (David Antunes)? 

Recently, we’ve been working with the Steam Engine Intrepid to create and test one of our ideas which includes cool packs in clothing pockets. We’ve been researching type of cool packets, how they work, durations, etc. This is something you might get to see us wearing at Aetherfest, if the prototypes are ready. Yes, they will end up on the vending tables once the design is perfected.

So, that’s all we have! If you have any great ideas that we missed, let us know

I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and advice:

Airship Isabella
Airship Dionysus
Airship Hope
Steam Engine Intrepid
Shea D. Alric
Amelia Ruth Thompson
Steve Chapman
Butterfly Creations
Victorian Cogworks
Colonel Mike Legerdemain
Three Oaks Bed & Breakfast
Designs by Lady MacBeath
Flash Gunner
Maddog McCrae

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