Note: This is part of the setting of the world that our Steampunk personas come from, which is also content for the game we are working on. 

In the old days time was divined by the stars. Astronomers had clocks in their keep that were consistently kept on time. Patrons of the city would pay to have their own clocks adjusted to the time on the Astronomers Clock. Often, Timekeepers (apprentices of the Astronomers)  would travel with a small Astronomers Clock around the city, providing a clock attuning delivery service at a higher price.

Now a days, you seldom see the stars because of the Mists and Aether dominating the sky. We now have Time Masters who make regular trips in Aeroplanes or hot air balloons into the higher skies to attune a small Astronomers Clock to the stars. These Time Masters must have knowledge of Astronomy, Aeronautics, and know how to use an Oxygen Tank since the air is very thin the higher up you travel. These Time Masters, like in the old days, have Timekeepers who apprentice under them and deliver time keeping services to paying patrons.

Do you have the time?


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