Soonercon 2012 Review

Our last Soonercon (back in 2007) was a gaming convention, but it looks like it’s evolved into a comic and scifi convention (now 2012). The con was bigger than we expected, and it was heavy with vendors and guests. While our group did host and attend panels, we decided that this review would not be about the panels. We visited every table, excluding the art room; assuming that we didn’t miss anyone. So, we’re going to tell you about the vendors and the guests we met. We don’t have any criticism in our review and we’ll be covering our favorites first!
Hospitality, Cosplay, Zombies, and Dogs! OH MY!

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There were so many great costumes! People are so creative. Unfortunately, only six people showed up for the zombie walk. However, those six were awesome! There were three zombies and three umbrella corps (who happen to be from Steam Engine Intrepid and Airship Horizons). We even managed to get some kids posing in the photos as victims! That was a lot of fun. Those were some of the nicest zombies we’ve ever met.
Also worth mentioning was the free food in the con suite and in the Green Room.  Thank you Nico, Jenn, Noddy, and everyone who help bring the visitors some hospitality! Having a place to grab a bite was very appreciated, especially for those who were low on funds or simply just didn’t have time to run out and get dinner until later in the evening. It was also a great place to just relax and get to know people. There were, also, a few dogs around the hotel because the Sheraton is a dog friendly hotel.
Here’s the rest of the shout outs to all the cosplayers, zombies, dogs, and guests we met this weekend:
Kelli (zombie in the skirt)
Kodi (zombie in the black shirt)
Shana (zombie in the white shirt)
Shannon McCarthy & Scott Lund (Umbrella Corps)
Daniel Wright (Hazmat)
Celeste (child victim in pink) 
Chloe (child victim in red and white shirt)
Itzl (no photo, but he’s always with Noddy)
Xoco (white chihuahua dog)
Kyoshi (the big dog)
Zoey (australian sheep dog puppy) & Nina (human)
Obiwan (the little ball of fur dog)
Peter S. Beagle (Wonderful author who had some very romantic life stories to share.)
Necro Kittie, Gin McRight, and  Matthew Yonk (steampunk – Airhsip 9th Wave)
Scott Lund & Shannon McCarthy (steampunk – Steam Engine Intrepid, and some pirates YAR!)
Joseph Codere (steampunk)
Ron & Kit Holley (The Riddler & Batgirl) along with their son Grayson (Robin) and his best friend Shaina (Supergirl).
Cecil McDonal (the 7th Doctor)
Chris (the young 11th Doctor)
Alta Beorn (Time Lady – Ramona II)
Sean (the 4th Doctor)
Nicole (the dalek), Nikolas (the tardis), and Chris (the 11th doctor)
We didn’t catch the name of the other 4th doctor and that’s our Captain in the photo with him wearing the costume for her Order character, Ren Asthea.
John (Steampunk Luigi) & Eddie (Steampunk Mario)
Ashley Clayton (Princess Leia in the Ewok Village)
Dena Curtis (slave Leia)
Chris Curtis (Jedi Obiwan)
Evan (star trek uniform)
Latetia Duke (female jedi)
Jimmie Morgan (Lando Calrissian – Billy Dee Williams Look-a-like –
Scott Lund (Steampunk Storm Trooper)
We didn’t get the name of the Boba Fett or the kids, unfortunately!
Kyle (young Ghostbuster) – we misplaced the names for the other Ghostbusters!
Xander (Professor Stein – Soul Eater)
David & Staci (Deadmau5)
Daniel (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter)
Blaine (Bane… with green Deadmau5 ears in the background)
Shawn (steampunk – white lab coat)
Laura (Raggedy Anne)
Zenon “Z” Awful (pirate)
Paula Sophia Schonauer (an actual veteran Police Offer of Oklahoma City)
Lady Giselle & Annie (the lady and her little faery girl)
Amy (Jean Grey Black Queen and several other costumes)
Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (Sorry, they didn’t give their real names!)
Evan (Captain America)
Cathy (Steampunk Poison Ivy)
We didn’t catch the name of the Columbia – Rocky Horror girl.
Levina (Gothic Lolita)
Hollie (Steampunk)
Aly (Steampunk)
Jennene (Steampunk Victorian –
Rayne (red fuzzy punk)
Eve (catgirl with Rayne)
We did not catch the names of the last 5 people.
Airship Horizons
We test ran our products for the first time at Soonercon. We sold a lot of handmade Steampunk Mascots and Nerf mods. Our Steampunk Mascots were dress-up (vests, belts, ties, top hats, monocles, mustaches, etc) Dodo Birds, Monsters, Jackalopes, and a chocolate-scented Kitty. We also had non-dress-up octopuses, some Miyazaki’s, and a dinosaur. We had only a few nerfs mods. Sales went well! We plan to sell again at other conventions.

Going to Ama-Con!

Ama-Con, Amarillo’s first Steampunk convention, July 21. Airship Horizons will be vending at this event, bringing a healthy supply of hand stitched Steampunk plush Mascots, Painted Guns and leather crafted items! Come by our booth and check it out! 


Quirkiness: The Good and The Bad

It’s been my experience that people who are “quirky” or “weird” are often outcasts, lonely, and/or shy. There are feelings of worry and sometimes dread when “normal” people meet “unusual” people, and there’s a good reason for it. There are bad kinds of weird and good kinds of weird. The bad kinds of weird are the ones that people remember. There are some people with serious mental or social disabilities who are dangerous, but these are not “quirky” people, these are people with serious conditions. Still, it’s something on the edge of a person’s mind when they meet someone who is “strange”.

However, what you may not realize is that not everyone who is quirky is going to be dangerous, delusional, or unintelligent. In most cases, you just need to have a positive attitude, patience, and bravery to not let your hidden fears deter you from getting to know them. You might find some wonderful qualities in those “quirky” people that you can’t find in most “normal” people… like true loyalty, real honesty, and total acceptance of your own faults. You may come to understand why a person is the way they are and come to appreciate them. Sometimes, being “different” isn’t so bad.

If you know our Captain, you know she’s quirky. She’s very child at heart, silly, and happy. What you may not know is that her childhood was very hard, complete with abuse, feeling like an outcast, loneliness… things that heavily contribute to the quirkiness of an individual. However, if you really know the Captain, you also know that she’s very bright and creative! Our Captain understands every day conversation, geeky conversation, even science and theory conversations, etc. She also is well capable of being “normal” in a formal situation, or when the situation calls for it. In her case, she’s embraced her quirkiness and accepts who she is. She’s not an outcast or lonely anymore and has friends who accept and love her.

Through out her life, she’s been around all kinds of “quirky” people. Her mother is a very generous and compassionate person. There isn’t a time that she doesn’t remember having some homeless, elderly, or strange person living with them. They once had a very “quirky” veteran with one leg who mumbled a lot and said strange things living with them for several years. They even had a teenaged boy living with them when she was young, because his family didn’t care about him. He was like a second brother. There was a woman and her child that was badly burnt in a fire who lived with them during the recovery (this contributes to a fear of some fire related things). These experiences (and there were several more of these) give our Captain great insight into “Quirkiness”. She’s had experience with being around unusual, weird, and quirky individuals of all ages, gender, and backgrounds. She, also, grew up with a best friend who was mentally slow with a speech impediment, who she adores and calls her sister to this day.

Some quirky people are mentally handicapped (or handicapable). They are slow to understand conversations or social situations. They may not understand social etiquette. Often times, they mean well and are very happy and a kind individual. Not everyone is well meaning or kind, but those who are, deserve the patience and can learn from social interactions.

There are people who have quirks because of physical disorders, mental disabilities, and perhaps even brain trauma or abuse trauma that makes it very hard for them to fit into “normal” conduct. There are disorders that some people cannot control and might not be curable. These people may be highly intelligent and understand social etiquette very well… but they can’t help their condition.

In fact, you’ll find that some highly intelligent people are quirky because they are so smart. People don’t understand, or misunderstand, what they are talking about because it’s over their head. Some smart individuals can come off as arrogant, egotistical, or generally offend people who might inadvertently feel less smart because of something someone says. Misunderstandings happen. Most quirky people are just misunderstood.

There are people who are just quirky because it’s who they are and it’s not a mental handicap, or some serious disorder. It’s just who they are and quite harmless. They aren’t slow, they can keep up with any normal conversation. They know when you are laughing at them or with them. They know when you are giving them weird looks or treating them unkindly. They have feelings and they are people just like you.

We’ve had the closest and best friends that are quirky and tolerant and FUN! It’s our theory that more people should just let go and be who they are. Don’t let fear suppress your natural quirkiness. In the spirit of being all inclusive and not leaving anyone out… take the time to get to know the quirky ones and have patience and a positive attitude!