Soonercon 2012 Review

Our last Soonercon (back in 2007) was a gaming convention, but it looks like it’s evolved into a comic and scifi convention (now 2012). The con was bigger than we expected, and it was heavy with vendors and guests. While our group did host and attend panels, we decided that this review would not be about the panels. We visited every table, excluding the art room; assuming that we didn’t miss anyone. So, we’re going to tell you about the vendors and the guests we met. We don’t have any criticism in our review and we’ll be covering our favorites first!
Hospitality, Cosplay, Zombies, and Dogs! OH MY!

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There were so many great costumes! People are so creative. Unfortunately, only six people showed up for the zombie walk. However, those six were awesome! There were three zombies and three umbrella corps (who happen to be from Steam Engine Intrepid and Airship Horizons). We even managed to get some kids posing in the photos as victims! That was a lot of fun. Those were some of the nicest zombies we’ve ever met.
Also worth mentioning was the free food in the con suite and in the Green Room.  Thank you Nico, Jenn, Noddy, and everyone who help bring the visitors some hospitality! Having a place to grab a bite was very appreciated, especially for those who were low on funds or simply just didn’t have time to run out and get dinner until later in the evening. It was also a great place to just relax and get to know people. There were, also, a few dogs around the hotel because the Sheraton is a dog friendly hotel.
Here’s the rest of the shout outs to all the cosplayers, zombies, dogs, and guests we met this weekend:
Kelli (zombie in the skirt)
Kodi (zombie in the black shirt)
Shana (zombie in the white shirt)
Shannon McCarthy & Scott Lund (Umbrella Corps)
Daniel Wright (Hazmat)
Celeste (child victim in pink) 
Chloe (child victim in red and white shirt)
Itzl (no photo, but he’s always with Noddy)
Xoco (white chihuahua dog)
Kyoshi (the big dog)
Zoey (australian sheep dog puppy) & Nina (human)
Obiwan (the little ball of fur dog)
Peter S. Beagle (Wonderful author who had some very romantic life stories to share.)
Necro Kittie, Gin McRight, and  Matthew Yonk (steampunk – Airhsip 9th Wave)
Scott Lund & Shannon McCarthy (steampunk – Steam Engine Intrepid, and some pirates YAR!)
Joseph Codere (steampunk)
Ron & Kit Holley (The Riddler & Batgirl) along with their son Grayson (Robin) and his best friend Shaina (Supergirl).
Cecil McDonal (the 7th Doctor)
Chris (the young 11th Doctor)
Alta Beorn (Time Lady – Ramona II)
Sean (the 4th Doctor)
Nicole (the dalek), Nikolas (the tardis), and Chris (the 11th doctor)
We didn’t catch the name of the other 4th doctor and that’s our Captain in the photo with him wearing the costume for her Order character, Ren Asthea.
John (Steampunk Luigi) & Eddie (Steampunk Mario)
Ashley Clayton (Princess Leia in the Ewok Village)
Dena Curtis (slave Leia)
Chris Curtis (Jedi Obiwan)
Evan (star trek uniform)
Latetia Duke (female jedi)
Jimmie Morgan (Lando Calrissian – Billy Dee Williams Look-a-like –
Scott Lund (Steampunk Storm Trooper)
We didn’t get the name of the Boba Fett or the kids, unfortunately!
Kyle (young Ghostbuster) – we misplaced the names for the other Ghostbusters!
Xander (Professor Stein – Soul Eater)
David & Staci (Deadmau5)
Daniel (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter)
Blaine (Bane… with green Deadmau5 ears in the background)
Shawn (steampunk – white lab coat)
Laura (Raggedy Anne)
Zenon “Z” Awful (pirate)
Paula Sophia Schonauer (an actual veteran Police Offer of Oklahoma City)
Lady Giselle & Annie (the lady and her little faery girl)
Amy (Jean Grey Black Queen and several other costumes)
Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (Sorry, they didn’t give their real names!)
Evan (Captain America)
Cathy (Steampunk Poison Ivy)
We didn’t catch the name of the Columbia – Rocky Horror girl.
Levina (Gothic Lolita)
Hollie (Steampunk)
Aly (Steampunk)
Jennene (Steampunk Victorian –
Rayne (red fuzzy punk)
Eve (catgirl with Rayne)
We did not catch the names of the last 5 people.
Airship Horizons
We test ran our products for the first time at Soonercon. We sold a lot of handmade Steampunk Mascots and Nerf mods. Our Steampunk Mascots were dress-up (vests, belts, ties, top hats, monocles, mustaches, etc) Dodo Birds, Monsters, Jackalopes, and a chocolate-scented Kitty. We also had non-dress-up octopuses, some Miyazaki’s, and a dinosaur. We had only a few nerfs mods. Sales went well! We plan to sell again at other conventions.
Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn)

That would be our Captain, in full nerd mode wearing a Star Trek shirt, drawing her a sketch for Peter S. Beagle, the author of The Last Unicorn. She had mentioned that she had always thought a unicorn was a horse with horn until she discovered The Last Unicorn; so he had read to her the part of the book that described unicorns as being more deer like than horse. She named her unicorn Nell, after someone very special to Peter who passed away this March. If you ever want to hear a romantic true story about Peter, ask him about Nell. It brought a tear to more than one person in our group (who had a chance to talk to him). When he talks about her, there is so much love and wonder in his stories about his time with her. Meeting Peter was such a great experience. We highly recommend talking to him if you ever get a chance to.

Jedi OKC

Jedi OKC had Ghostbusters with them, and we’re sorry that we misplaced their names (except for Kyle, the youngest ghostbuster).  There were several Star Wars related costumes around the convention and the Ghostbusters were some of our favorites. The gentle at the table that we spoke to were Rick Young and Michael Berndt. They had some neat stuff on their table, including some Batman items, and both Ghostbusters and Star Wars items displayed behind the table. The people running the table was very personable and fun chat with. They were also fund raising for a baby girl who needs medical help, which is awesome! We have high respect for groups who do charity work and work to help those in need.

Ziggy’s West
Alex and Tom (in the red shirt) were really cool. They were animated and enthusiastic. They are based out of Nebraska and had lots of giant cutlery…. ahem, swords and daggers. Melody, whom we did not get a chance to talk, was also vending items. There were the most adorable dragon and faery figurines, skulls, pocket watches, and many other things. It was really a lot of fun hanging out around their vending table.

Equinox Comics

Johnnie Johnson, Sean Eddingfield, Jason Coody, and Dave Richmond  were all having a good time, making some art, and engaging visitors who stop by their table. Equinox Comics is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They told us about their online comic they were promoting, called Hellrazer the Series, which you can check out here: We really enjoyed the fun atmosphere they brought to the convention, and their artwork was fantastic!

Games HQ

This isn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Ron Palmatory, the owner of Games HQ. It just so happens that the majority of our Airship crew leaves literally a few blocks away from Games HQ. It’s a big (obviously local to Oklahoma) gaming store. They have a vast selection of rpg’s from Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire LARP (old and new world), GURPS, and both current and old out of print games. We’ve bought a great assortment of books from them, such as Toon RPG, Serenity RPG, Star Trek RPG, Cthulhu, Inomine, etc. That’s not all they have, either! They have miniatures, card (like Magic the Gathering), board games, dice games, t-shirts, cthulhu and zombie slippers, model paints, etc. If you have gaming needs, we recommend Games HQ as your first stop.

Artistic Temperament Designs
Samantha Robb does some wonderful henna and make-up work under the name Artistic Temperament Designs. They were there to represent the Toy & Action Figure Museum, as well as Main Street Activities in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. We only got a few photos, but our vending group was right next to hers, and we saw a lot of her work. There were zombie faces and other face art on both children and adults. Her mendi work was equally lovely. A mendi is the pretty brown-orange designs that you see on Indian women hands and feet, which is done with henna (a type of dye from India). Our crew mate Bennett had a mendi done on his forearm. His turned out very light, but Sam was quick to offer a solution! She reapplied it and used a technique of wrapping it in saran wrap. She did the design as a custom request and she got the design right. Sam is very friendly and has good customer service qualities to make her clients happy! Sam is, also, a member of our steampunk community.
Brian Young (author)
Brian Young is a very talented local Oklahoma author of weird horror fiction and an artist.  We don’t often purchase books at conventions, but his was one of the few we did buy. We purchased his novel The City of the Bloodthirsty De Civitate Sanguino. Brian wrote the world’s first tri-lingual Celtic book. His is, also, known in Oklahoma as ‘Dr. Fear’ due to his Horror Hosting shows The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear and the Gothic and Halloween radio show The Mysterious Hours of Dr. Fear. His new book The Witch of Round Mountain is coming out in September! Lucky for us, he’s a member of our steampunk community too.

Rachel Hunter (author)
Rachel Hunter is a fantasy author and is another talented member of our steampunk community. We have so many talented people in the community. We purchased her book A Llachalan Annal Empyreal Fate and had it signed by the artist Robert Collins. Rachel writes fantasy novels. It’s a fantasy book about elves in a time of war and their fates.

DarkFaery Subculture Magazine

This group was a fairly large group of people with a several sub-groups. First, we chatted with Laura (in Raggedy Ann costume). She is always so pleasant to talk to, and we’ve run into her many times during the convention. They have a variety of steampunk and non-steampunk items, ranging from zombie shoes, little top hats, cute little pompom critters, bustles, hair bows, crystals, DarkFaery Subculture Magazine issues, pop cap bows,  dvd’s, artwork, and more. Her husband, going by the name of Zenon “Z” Awful also helps with merchandise, such as the nerf mods. We’ve seen him around the convention in pirate gear and in purple pimp-looking gear with a pink tie and pink boots.
There was artwork of a very simple, but darling lion on the table, along with equally cute artwork drawn by Jordyn Hamlin. However, she wasn’t around to talk to, but her friends certainly had a lot of pleasant things to say and showed off a bunch of her artwork. We, also, met Trista Wilmot with The Inbetween. She had dvd’s and comics on her table, if we remember correctly. We talked to Windy Easterling about her side of the table, filled with custom jewelry and bags, test tubes, corseted flasks, and other vintage / antique oddities. and we, also, chatted with Vanessa Green of Custom Club Cuff. Vanessa showed off her wrist wallets of all sizes and explained some of the practical uses. Obviously it makes carrying around money and ID’s easier than with a purse or bag (no one gets left babysitting purses at the table), and it’s great for children to have their contact and medical information in case of an emergency or if your child gets lost.
All in all, the whole group was great and they had a lot of different things to buy!

SCARS vs The Order Larp
Our own Steampunk community member, Jim Trent, was at Soonercon to run the SCARS vs Order The larp (live action role play) . Jim look pretty smart in his usual Civil War Steampunk attire. You could see SCARS character sheets on the table, ready to be filled out for your Steampunk persona. The SCARS vs The Order larp is set in a Steampunk multiverse where you can play a character in just about any steampunk subgenre and you can be on the good team or the bad team. There was a lot of interest, but with such a small scifi convention, not very many people showed up outside of our local steampunk community. I think a lot of people missed out on a good time.
Airship Ajax & Serendipity
It was so busy at this convention that we didn’t get a chance to talk to these guys, but they are worth mentioning. They had a Star Trek Captain’s chair that they built, where guests could take photos in the Captain’s chair. In fact, they are working on their own independent Star Trek movie and are accepting volunteers. Every time we’ve seen the Airship Ajax, we’ve also seen Serendipity and their Doctor Who fandom. They had a posting on the table for “Tea Time with the Doctor” in the Con Suite. They, also, had a video room. We did not attend these thing, but we imagine it was splendid.
Count Gregore

Count Gregore (played by John Ferguson) is a local Oklahoma City horror host. He hosted for Shock Theater in 1958 on WKY TV. He’s been a host for over 50 years! If you’re a fan of old school horror, creepy classic, and thrillers, you’ll love Count Gregore. He’s such a gentleman and fun to talk to. We see him at the local conventions, including the Underground Monster Carnival. He had DVD’s, autographed photos, and even some fan art at his table. The fan art was simple splendid! He was also selling his book, Count Gregore: Oklahoma Legend.

Julie Bielowicz (toys) & Jackie Kramer (author)
Julie Bielowicz makes handcrafted toys out of plaster and bisque. She had the most adorable and unique little bobble heads. She says that are child friendly, made to last! Our Captain quickly scooped up the little light blue robot, which she later named Cobalt. Julie, also, had skull and dragon toys, and an assortment of things. However, the bobble head toys were the most intriguing. There were not just robot, but adorable baby dragons, frogs, etc. She says that out of all the kids at the convention, it was the adults buying these toys for themselves (like our Captain). They were reasonably priced too!
Beside Julie was author Jackie Kramer from Tulsa. She writes romance, science fiction, and horror. She had several of her books on the table; such as, Beyond the MundaneWarrior’s Heart, and more. Jackie is currently working on a new time travel scifi book, so keep an eye out.
Underground Monster Carnival & Dig It
Art Sundy is a charming fellow at a charming table. The artwork was unique and had this carnival, B-movie horror likeness. As a fan of old school horror and those terrible fun B-movies like Critters and Gremlins, we loved the paintings. They also had cute, colorful, horrific toys… in fact, everything was super colorful! It was hard to miss this table. They had little owls and mustache key chains, really interesting mask (such as Dead Of The Dead celebration “Sugar Skulls”) , large carnival books, and more.
We were at the Underground Monster Carnival this year and had a good time. The next carnival is March 2, 2013, 2pm – 10pm. They will have special guests: Count Gregore, Scott Lamb, Adele Wolf, and more. Their sponsors include: Toy Base 10, Dig It, Bad Granny’s Bazaar, DBGraphix, and Vintage Stock. You can check out their sponsor Dig It! in the OKC Plaza District Mon-Sat 11-7pm to buy, sell, and trade vintage and retro apparel, counture culture movies and books, indie art, and more!
2 Average Dicks (podcast)
We talked to Robby and Jake of 2 Average Dicks, the local Oklahoma podcast. They talk about pretty much everything from comics, movies, bath salts, etc. They’ve been friend for 15 years and often share stories. They often have guests on the podcast, such as Kyle Chaney from Plan B Comics (in the photos with Robby & Jake). They had free buttons and flyers on their table. They were both very personable and fun. The show sounds very interesting.
Scott Sackett, Angela Lowry, Dell Harris,  Robert Collins, and Matthew Brendle (artists)

There were several very talented artists against a back wall near the elevators. We only got to talk to Scott Sackett and a few others for a brief time, but we really admired their work. Scott is with Viper Comics and he was offering free sketches (tips appreciated of course). There was art on the table from Mathew Brendle that looked fantastic, but we didn’t get a chance to talk to him. Later, we stopped by the back wall while in a hurry to make it to the zombie walk, but we just had to stop and look at the phenomenal costume masks.
David A. Farris (author)
Speaking of being in a hurry, we also pause for a few brief moments with locol author David A. Farris. We wish we had more time to to chat with him, because he was a very interesting guy and, because we just love Oklahoma lore! He wrote a book called Oklahoma Outlaws: Spooky Stories and all around folklore. It’s just what it sounds like… Oklahoma mysteries, wild west shoot-outs, and more. Maybe we’ll get a chance to talk to him more at another convention.
The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas
When we stopped by this intriguing table with a vigilante setup, we talked with Jason Alexander. No, not the talented actor from Seinfeld… he’s the talented directory of photography for this independent film. The Unusual (Calling of) Charlie Christmas is set in a small Oklahoma town. He’s was bullied and socially awkward, and later becomes a vigilante. The merchandise on the table was great at drawing interest to it. It was fun to see people taking photos with the giant vigilante in front of the backdrop. Jason was a really nice guy to talk to.
Josh Flower (artist)
The first thing that caught our eye was the giant wall of bad-ass comic book artwork! There were some amazing pieces of artwork… especially the one of Poison Ivy. We talked to artist Josh Flower and a couple of lovely ladies Booster Gold & Blue Beetle. They had some new comic books on the table, such as Plus Ultr and Absent Captain. The new issues will be released in October at the New York comic con.
Tiger’s Comics
Tiger’s Comic is located about 5 miles from Arkansas. They had a lot of comics, as you would have guessed, and some action figures and dolls. We did not get a business card for Tiger’s, but we did get one for Buzz Collectibles from James Kelly. James was there to help out Tiger. That’s someone our community respects – helping each other out!
Loving Daisy Creations 
Based out of Oklahoma, these are homemade crafts and jewelry. There are My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic) necklaces, dead fish necklaces, cereal and pop necklaces, Star Wars key chains, wrapping paper roses, incense burners, fake gun charms, an assortment of smiley face charms, and more! She sells at Dig It in the Plaza District and Showplace Market.
Laser Dude John
John (ignore the misprinted vending sign) was really fun to talk to. He was passionate about his engravings and he’s a local to Oklahoma. He can engrave just about anything metal that will fit in his engraving machine. There were dog tags, plaques, and even photographs etched into metal plates. Those photo plates were impressive and had a fairly unique quality to them. John also showed off their glass fingernail files, which his wife Melonie hand painted. He explained that most nail files have glued on grain that comes off when use. Their Czechoslovakian nail files are chemically etched and won’t ware off. The hand painting and laser etching adds a personal touch to each file. They were, also, selling glass and wooden rings, and amber necklaces with bugs in them! The black bee was cool.
We talked with Jeff Provine told us a little about Prankerous, his group, and Kate’s jewelry. Kate’s Steampunk jewelry was very nice. Our Captain is a fan of keys and her key necklaces were well designed. If you like keys too, we recommend you check out her stuff. Jeff’s group had toys modified with recycled materials to look rather scifi. They were pretty interesting and you don’t really see toys like this very often. Jeff also had an e-book called Celestial Voyages, which is about being kidnapped by inter-dimensional pirates, and a free webcomic too. Jeff also told us about their free ghost tours where you might witness a beheading or exorcist, and it’s not just for Halloween! They were a pretty interesting group and Jeff was all smiles while we were chatting.
Nerdy & UKnowIt
We talk to Jeff, Nerdy & UKnowIt, who was vending for the first time at Soonercon. These 8-bit creations are made from pearler beads and look like they take a lot of patience to make. There were cartoon characters such as Darkwing Duck and Ariel the little mermaid and lots of video game characters like Mario, Yoshi, green 1up mushrooms, mario coins, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra guys, Pacman and ghosts, and more.
Alright furry haters, we have nothing bad to say about the Oklacon guests. When most people think of furries, they think of the fetishists, but this wasn’t the image that was portrayed to us. Sure, there are people out there like that, but that’s their business. This group is about clean fun. They lured us in with free candy and pop tarts and then we sat down to have a decent conversation. There are people who love the big mascot costumes, like Rachel Swyear adorning the Dragon costume. Her fursona (furry persona) was Misora the Dragon. There is a huge amount of artist talent and effort that goes into making a fursuit (the mascot suit) and most of these suits are handmade. The artwork produced is equally talented. Also, not everyone is into fursuits… some people who don’t identify as furries adorn cat ears and other furry-like costumes. In Japan, catgirls are just regular human girls with cat ears (and sometimes a cat tail). These are actually called Kemonomimi (animal ears). In fact, cartoons like Micky Mouse and Bugs Bunny are Anthropomorphic characters, otherwise known as Anthro, otherwise known as “furries”. It’s shame that the term furries comes with such a negative connotation.
So, what is Oklacon? It’s the world’s largest outdoor furry convention. They don’t like the confines and small spaces of hotels, and instead opted for an outdoor event. There is volleyball, tag, and other outside activities, and there are, also, lodges available.
The Cave
We talked to a shy, polite, and very nice couple named Jarrod & Jennifer Tollett of The Cave. The Cave is a comic book store based out of Ada, Oklahoma. There were lots of comic vendors at the convention, but what caught our eye was the personable service and the collection of G.I. Joe action figures under the table. They had other action figures on the shelves, but G.I. Joe is classic and nostalgic. Jarrod gave us a free button to remember them fondly!
Cara’s Creation & Tsu-Chan’s
Cara had a table filled with crocheted hats that are full of win! The Twi’lekJayne Cobb, and Tardis hats were our favorites. They had Pokemon, video game, Star Trek, and other awesomely geeky crocheted hats. We saw cup warmers and friendship bracelets, too. Cara was very pleasant and wearing a great Star Wars underbust – a girl after our nerdy hearts.
Cara’s friend Tsu-Chan (or Sarah) was wearing the Twi’lek hat by the time we got to chat with her, and our Captain wants one now! Her side of the table is adorned with adorable Anime style artwork. There was full sized art and card sized art both. Her work was very charming!
Chris Green
As usual, our Captain first noticed the Dragon Adoptions. The bigger dragons were $45 and the smaller ones for $30, and they were very colorful and unique. Upon broader inspection, we noticed all the zombie merchandise on the table. While the Captain adores toys, zombies are also high on our list of fandom. Chris had a Zombie Identification Guide print out on the table, along with Zombie Doomday Boxes, Zombie Warning t-shirts, several types of Hammoboxes, and then some precious non-zombie headbands. Chris is based out of Michigan, but you can find the Hammoboxes online at
Felix Matos (artist)
Felix Matos is a talented artist from Puerto Rico. There was an Incredible Hulk painting hangup up on the wall with 3D muscular arms coming out of the painting. What a creative way to use your resources! He had a lot of comic book art displayed, because it was a comic con, but we spied some extra cool stuff in the background. There was some Beatles artwork, and Frankenstein black and white artwork. He even had the 10th Doctor on the table. Felix had some impressive artwork for sale.
2 Dames BaZaar
We met Jenny Thrasher (blue attire) and CC Guise (red attire) of 2 Dames BaZaar out of Springfield, MO. They sell corsets, hats, headpieces, spats, millinery, and more! This is a steampunk oriented vendor with some very sharp looking, elegant accessories and corsets. The corsets are amazing and not overdone in the least. The hats are fancy, but there’s room for adding your own accessories and modifications (if you want to). They were very welcoming ladies and their merchandise was just as lovely.
Jackson Compton

Jackson Compton was another great artist at the convention. He had some zombie artwork, superhero artwork, Doctor Who, and more. Our favorites were the Harley Quinn with Darth Vader, and the Steampunk Spectral Smashers. He was a quiet guy, but they may have been due to the Brain Slug on his head (he had a crocheted green brain slug from Futurama no his head)!
Plan B Comics
Plan B Comics was another group with a great attitude. Kyle Chaney was happy to share information with us. They are based out of Oklahoma and featured Z the Dream Warrior comic. The green helmet (made by Mike Loh) was an eye catcher on the table and the artwork was great! We saw Ninja Turtles artwork on the table, but it was serious work that took 26 hours to produce, not just a cute cartoon print out. They also had some Walking Dead artwork of some of our favorite characters.
Brad Sinor (author)
We just happen to meet Brad Sinor while taking photos in the vending room. He’s a light to dark fantasy author. He let us peek at his dark fantasy book Echoes From The Darkness. It’s actually a collection of short stories. He, also, had a light fantasy book with him called Where The Shadows Began & Other Stories, which is a collaborative work with his wife Sue Sinor. We did not meet his wife, but he was a very social and friendly guy. We’d seen him chatting with people about his books all over the convention.
Renée Witterstaetter & Michael Golden

These two talented individuals were our vending neighbors. Renée is a publisher, producer, and writer (among other things) of historical, art, and fiction books. She is also in the film industry. She’s, also, a member of the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan and the President of Little Eva Ink Publishing and Little Eva Ink Toys. Kerry Scarey Things was one of the books on the table that caught our Captain’s eye, because she loves children’s stories and toys. This book is about a boy who goes searching for monsters and it look like a great children’s book. There were plenty of books on the table for older readers too. Their new book Nick Cardy: The Artist At War is  a full color hardcover collection of Nick Cardy’s World War II field-combat sketches. Along side of Renée, there was artist Michael Golden. Michael is also the co-creator of the character Rogue. He had some wonderful art on his table, including Harley Quinn. We found his artwork amazing. He is also an art director, writer, and an editor. He’s one of several very talented guests as Soonercon.

John Montgomery (author)
John Montgomery’s table was advertising his book The Rise of the Western Kingdom. He described his book as an epic fantasy, like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. He talked about the evil things called Camonra (singular Camon), which you can see on the t-shirts also being sold at the vending table. There were other books at the table, such as PULP!, but we didn’t get a chance to talk to author Ethan Nahte.
Ruth Lampi (author)

The lovely Ruth Lampi is an artist and a writer. She had books one (The Alarna Affair) and two (The Germhacht Episode) of The Blackfeather Chronicles. It’s a victorian fastasy set in an alternate time line. This could be a good book for steampunk readers. She also had some really nice artwork of her characers on display, and free book marks.
Dennis McDonald (author)
Dennis is a local horror author. His book Ebon Moon is a serious werewolf novel. The author says it’s not a romance. This book even has a perfect 5 star rating on with some great reviews. If you are a werewolf and horror fan, this looks like a great read. The big werewolf bust on the table was a great touch, along side the zombie bust. Dennis’ new book is called Undead Flesh and it’s obviously going to be about zombies. As we’ve mentioned before… we love zombies! NOM NOM EAT YOUR FACE!
Aside from his horror books, there was a role playing game on his table at Soonercon, called Adventure Maximum. It’s a game designed to maximize playability and run exciting fast paced adventures. This was one of the last two books available.
Coo-Interactive Entertainment
Coo-Interactive Entertainment / Manticore Heavy Industries has an assortment of geeky ties… and we love geekery! Our Captain wants the Tardis blue tie… who cares if she’s a girl? She still wants it! There were also bags and buttons, etc. Colter Hillman told us we could email for a brochure and I think we shall.
Horton Deakins (author)
Horton Deakins is a local Oklahoma author. He was selling his book Time Pullers, which is set in an alternate time line and is obviously about time travel. Horton has a love for science and an education in physics. He has been in a band, earned a brown belt in martial arts (he even lived in Japan for 14 months), and eventually found his calling in writing science fiction. Horton is a fairly eclectic individual.
Vintage Stock
Jason Roberts is the store manager for Midwest City, Okalahoma. They have five stores in Oklahoma and several locations out of state. They have thousands of merchandise ranging from comic books, video games, DVD’s, sports cards, etc. They had a lot of cool geekery on their tables. We spied some Star Wars including a very cool device, called an Innocuous, that dispenses a Book of the Sith, complete with lights and sound effects! By the time we ventured back to the table, it had been sold already. They also had a Freddy Kruger doll, some Star Trek models, a World of Warcraft Monopoly game, t-shirts, hand bags for the ladies, collectable glasses, lots of action figures, and more. There was nothing on the table we wouldn’t have been happy to bring home! Jason was very polite and informative. We enjoyed talking to him too.
Urban Senate & Mel White
There was a table with Mel White and Wayne Jackson. Wayne is with Urban Senate, a comic publisher in Austin, TX. He was promoting Saint as his table and told us that Regrettably Yours would be coming out at the end of the year. On the other side of the table where series of Duncan & Mallory books by Robert Asprin and Mel White.
Yard Dog Press
We didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone as Yard Dog Press because they were so busy. They had a giant selection of books of varying genres. They were the first vendor you saw walking through one set of doors, and there seemed to be a lot of traffic.
Otherwhen Oddities
We’ve seen Otherwhen Oddities at several conventions before, but at this one, our schedules just did not meet up. They sell a lot of steampunk accessories and jewelry, including hats and snoods! Although, there was one cute thing that caught the Captain’s eye… a thorny little critter dressed up like a little old lady. It was super cute and we thought about buying her a few times. If they still have her at the next convention, we might just succeed in indulging the Captain. It’s worth giving their merchandise a look through!
Ravenchilde Illustrations
There were a few book authors who had illustrations done by Ravenchilde Illustrations. The artwork that was present at this table was gorgeous! There’s a lot of talent that goes into this kind of field and we admire the ability to make such beautiful characters on paper. There isn’t much else we can say, other than this art ranked up there with our Captain’s favorites.
New Myth Comics
RJ Woods is a local Oklahoma comic book creator and artist. He created Black CloverSalt & Ignite, and Download: The Girl in Pink superhero comics. He, also, did the artwork for the comics as well. All three comics were on the table for sale through out the convention.
Robert Collins (author)
Robert Collins is a scifi / fantasy author. He writes books on Kansas history, such as Ghost Railroads of KansasThe Race to Indian Territory, and Pieces of Kansas History. The book Lisa’s Way is one of his science fiction works about a teenager who travels to other worlds. Robert also has a collection of short stories in print or e-book.
Crazed Lemming Production 
Throughout the convention, there was a giant zombie wondering around. That was Ross Butler with Crazed Lemming Production. Ross (black shirt) and Ron Butler do screen printing, embroidery, and more, on t-shirts, hoodies, tanktops, polos, buttons, posters, bags, and whatever else they can make work for you. They had miniatures, drink coasters, antique watches, square card reader key chains, mustache bookmarks, t-shirts, alice frame with straps, etc.

Oklahoma Space Alliance
As an Airship, we have great interest in the sky and space. It’s a wonderful, mysterious, place and it’s HUGE! We even have a telescope on board the ship… not that we’ve figured out how to use it too well yet. We should really chat with these guys sometime! Alas, we didn’t run into any of the members of the Oklahoma Space Alliance. However, they had a lot of cool pictures in their booth!
The Crystal Peddler
Pat Howell was fairly busy, so we didn’t get much time for questions. We really wanted to know what those rose-looking stones were, and we wanted to purchase a shark tooth, but didn’t get a chance to. The shark tooth is a petrified prehistoric shark tooth from Morocco. She did show us this Orthaceras, which looks like a stone, but really it’s a Fossil in Lava. There were lots of crystals at this vending table.
Staggering Bull Studios
They had a wall of buttons. They make buttons and key chains. They have pin, spin, magnetic, adhesive, and mirror backs buttons. They also make custom buttons.
Krabby Land
Krabby Land was a small table of merchandise set beside another vendor (Tiger’s Comic). At first we thought they were the same group, but then we spoke briefly with Dillon. They didn’t have a business card on hand, unfortunately. The first thing on the table that caught our eye was The Tick doll. SPOON! We love The Tick on this ship! Of course, that wasn’t the only action figure on the table.
Pegasus Publishing
Scott Merritt was manning the table of piles of shirts. There were steampunk shirts, Doctor Who shirts, and more. There was LOTS of shirts. He didn’t have much to say… what else can you say about shirts, other than buy one?
Comic Wise
Scott Hudlow of Comic Wise based out of California says they have lots of genre of comics. Their vending space was huge and had many boxes of comics. There was a lot of merchandise to browse through.
So in closing for our review of Soonercon… there were a LOT of vendors and lots of vendors to browse through. It took the full three days to collect all the photos and information for the vendors, that we didn’t really have time to review everything else (as we also were manning our own vending tables). The convention was fun and we recommend checking it out next year!

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