Updates & Photos

We have updating our Convention Services page and The Crew page with photos! We are currently designing new costumes for our crew so that we stand out more when vending and paneling. We like our simple western style, but we realize that conventions like the dazzling costumes. We will stick to our western style as much as possible, but we’ll start to look better as we work on our costumes.

We also just got our delivery of more vending displays. We got a mesh wire frame display with two wire baskets and several hooks, and a tie display to hand goggles and stuff off of (like ASI does). We should now have more room to vend! We have learned a lot from ASI and other crews about building upward to make more space at the vending table. We’re excited!

We started talking with the Underground Monster Carnival (local) about vending and paneling. Last year, we loved them! This year, we’re getting involved. We’ll get to bring our own tables, so we’ll be buying another table or two (reminder to self, get more table cloths). Since it’s a horror festival, we’ll be there in Dark Ministries costumes (our dark steampunk personas). Granted, the table will still say “Airship Horizons” but we can say “it’s donations for the Orphanium” (smirk).

Speaking of progression… we want to wish the crew of the Neo Dulcimer good luck in their upcoming changes. We hope you fair well and not loose contact. You are welcome to dock with us if you ever fly through Oklahoma City.




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