Arklatex 2012 Review

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We had a good time at Arklatex, the Texarkana Comic Convention. It was a small, cozy, convention with a lot of comic book vendors. The con was not inside the hotel, but it wasn’t too far from it. They tell us that next year it will be inside the hotel and will be bigger. The staff was very nice and even let us have extra space on the last day to show off our crafting skills!

They had a sound system setup along with a projector that played movie previews and other fun stuff. There was a costume contest and an art contest. The con attendees had some great costumes. It was very interesting to met the differnent guests and vendors, and everyone was so personable.

There was General Motti (Star Wars Actor), the 501st (a Star Wars group), the Texarkana Renfaire table, shirts with bat-staches (batman with a batman-mustache),  and a charming boy named Daily who was there with his uncle (a comic book vendor).

This convention was more about just having a good time… which inspired some shenanigans. Our Captain was lent a giant squid that she roamed the con floor with… having a squid battle, making squid comments, and generally having a laugh with attendees and vendors. Several of us posed with the giant mustaches, and other random silliness. We accomplished what we set out to do. We made enough money to break even on going to the convention, we had fun with our friends and the con-goers, we got our name out there… and we got invited back for next year! Yes, we’ll be going to Arklatex 2013.

See more of our photos on Facebook: [Con Floor] [ASH] [Shenanigans]


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