All Call – Steampunk Fashion

The first article in the Steampunk Fashion series is going to be corsets! If you make corsets, model in corsets, or just wear a corset in your Steampunk costume and would like to have your photo included in the article, please send your photo(s), name, and Airship/Company (if you have one) to coppertesla We’re looking for both women and men of all sizes (big and small)! We want to show how you can use a corset in your Steampunk costume from using them with victorian dresses, to using them in other styles of outfits. Also, if you fancy yourself an expert and want to share some knowledge about making or properly wearing a corset, feel free to contact us.

Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that we’ll use everyone’s photos or submissions. Once we’ve written up our own content, we’ll look through submissions and decide what fits in with our article. We’ll make sure everyone has proper credits and links. So, we’re still at least a few weeks or month out from having it ready.

Stay tuned for more!


Steampunk Dreads


We’ve come up with our own style of steampunk dreads that will be soft and adorned with a few trinkets, buttons, and/or gears. They won’t be your typical cyberlocks or skittlekid hair pieces. We wanted ours to fit what we imagine to be steampunk elements and hopefully have a more sophisticated look. By adding buttons, lace, gears, brass, and copper wires to selective dreads, but not over-inundated them with trinkets, I think we accomplished this!  Our captain is very tactile, so all of the dreads can be expected to be soft!

At this time, we only plan to make white (in the photos above), copper (also in the photos above), tan, brown, and black dreads. We may, also,  be making dual black & red and red & white for Dark Ministries (our Dark Steampunk). However, we will be accepting commissions for other colors too! We will be debuting them on our vending table at Octopodicon!

Anime Fest 2012 Review


We always tend to have a good time, but this was the biggest anime convention we’ve been to! It was huge! There were tons of people and the hotel was ginormous! Anime Fest was so busy that I was never bored. Security stopped by the table each day to make sure everything was going well.

I didn’t attend any panels, but I explored a lot. I took a seat in the Japanese Tea Ceremony to learn something cultural. The ladies had some very lovely kimono on. They were really nice and let the Steam Engine Intrepid store their merchandise in the room at the end of the night. There were so many amazing costumes, ridiculously cute kemonomimi (Japanese for “Animal Ears” – like catgirls), and the silliest of shenanigans. I fondly recall signing to the Portal ending theme Still Alive in front of Hair By Kat, laughing at the many times we’ve seen people dancing to Gangnam Style, and taking pictures. There were a lot of cute plushies, action figures, artists, Japanese candy, and more.

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