Anime Fest 2012 Review


We always tend to have a good time, but this was the biggest anime convention we’ve been to! It was huge! There were tons of people and the hotel was ginormous! Anime Fest was so busy that I was never bored. Security stopped by the table each day to make sure everything was going well.

I didn’t attend any panels, but I explored a lot. I took a seat in the Japanese Tea Ceremony to learn something cultural. The ladies had some very lovely kimono on. They were really nice and let the Steam Engine Intrepid store their merchandise in the room at the end of the night. There were so many amazing costumes, ridiculously cute kemonomimi (Japanese for “Animal Ears” – like catgirls), and the silliest of shenanigans. I fondly recall signing to the Portal ending theme Still Alive in front of Hair By Kat, laughing at the many times we’ve seen people dancing to Gangnam Style, and taking pictures. There were a lot of cute plushies, action figures, artists, Japanese candy, and more.

There were little meal trucks outside of the event all weekend, which included SUSHI (yumyumyumyum), and very interesting kimchi items. If you are like me, you gag at the mention of kimchi BUT this was actually pretty good! We had the Kimchi Burrito Bowl and Bahmi Sandwich – they were really good and a little spicy too. We wanted to try the kimchi fries but didn’t get a chance to (sad face). We also found the place online here.

Some of the vendors I liked were Winged Phallus, Barbara’s Imaginations Unlimited LLC, Once Upon A Doodle, Radtastical, and then just about everything in the dealers room. There was way too much awesome in the dealers room to name them all! So here’s a little slice of goodness on the floor vendors that were super welcoming!

The couple at Winged Phallus were the nicest people. They were full of energy and smiles. I really enjoyed talking to them. They were super personable and I even watched them interact when other guests. They were great! The spiders were so cute and I should have bought one… drat! They also made some very beautiful jewelry. One thing they showed to me was the skull purse, which he wasn’t sure if people would like it. He says the reactions have been great so they’re probably going make them for sell!


Barbara was also very high spirited and nice. They had some very nice leather items on the table, but my favorite was the dragon mask!

Once Upon A Doodle had the cutest Avatar: The Legend of Korra doll ❤


The first thing I noticed on the Radtastical‘s table was the Axolotl. Who makes axolotls? Almost no one! But Radtastical does ❤


We liked a bunch of stuff and costumes, so here’s some of it!






Say “Hi!” to some of our crew and friends!


For more photos see our Facebook and Toki’s Facebook!




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