Sky Commodore’s Autumn Masquerade Ball Review


A little off topic… we’ve got a new tradition! You have to go to the Tilted Kilt for dinner when you’re in Dallas. It’s like Hooters, but the food and uniforms are way better. On topic, we loved the Sky Commodore’s Ball, the Flight Museum venue, and the performances by Marquis of Vaudeville, Steam Powered Giraffe, and the Circus Freaks!

The doors opened at 8PM but we didn’t get in until 8:45PM becuase the line was huge! There were a LOT of people there…. a lot more than we expected. The venue was fantastic! The Flight Museum had some great stuff. We took some time to look through the exhibits and take photos. See more of the photos on our facebook.




We ran into a lot of familiar faces. Sixpence the Mime found love! She complimented him very well and she was super cute all night! Of coarse, Mr. Saturday wasn’t far away and he was his usual flamboyant self. We also ran into Airship Isabella (that’s going to hike up our insurance rates – oops).  Suzeax’s outfit had a bit of bondage flair and she looked great. Mr. Fox was sporting a tail, which fits his namesake. We didn’t get to chat with him much and we always miss him! Same for Amelia who was happy to hug us when we arrived.  Cpt. Whittaker’s mask was phenomenal! Now I want one for the next time we waltz into a ball. Anywhere there is ASI, you can usually find Jim & Cheryl Trent as pleasant as always. Then there was Jesse Thaxton with my OCTOPUS (who we named Hugo)! ❤ There’s some shenanigans to be had there, I say! Aleister and Cpt. Delacru were there too.




Marquis of Vaudeville was the first performance of the night. Of course, they were great. They are always great! They play the best music to dance with your loved ones to. Such romantic feeling music and the acoustics of the venue was perfect. They also looked as smashing as they always do. I had a theory that Toby dressed that way home… I was only half right. We were invited to hang out with Toby, David (Cpt. Delacru), Shea (Aleister), and Pablo (Mr. Saturday) on Sunday, but we only had time to visit Toby’s lovely apartment for a short while. While visiting Toby he was wearing everyday normal clothing (although he was wearing a bowler hat). He had a normal everyday apartment (no batcave or gothic mansion, sorry!) and he had a GIANT KITTY! Bilbo was such a ham for attention, and he was entertaining; but not as funny as Shea hugging him saying “He’s my best friend!” and Bilbo replying with a disdained HSSSSSSS!!! Everyone (even the cat) was welcoming. As soon as it was time to go out, Toby magically appeared in dapper attire. See, I was only half right!



Speaking of pets! Aleister the Kidd had a bunny… a real bunny. He was so well behaved, soft, and cute! With so many people and the performances, it was loud, and that baby bunny handled it very well. Maybe it was all that loving attention he got ❤


There were very few vendors: Marquis of Vaudeville, Steam Powered Giraffe,  Airship IsabellaEquine Annihilation, and Carnival Epsilon. We regret not asking to vend! There was also the Circus Freaks performing among the crowd. They were a an added nice touch to the night, as you could randomly happen upon someone doing something interesting. I’m not really sure what to call their acts, but their name fit them well.



The line to see Steam Powered Giraffe at their table was just as long as the line to get inside, the entire night. I snuck up front to give Rabbit the painting I made of him, but didn’t keep him. They were so busy with the fans, that we decided to give them their space. I spied fans giving them presents and fan art all night. Even when it was time for us to go (around 1:00AM) I stuck up front to say a quick goodbye. I could have waited in line, but we were very distracted, and we’ll have more chances to see them again.

Do I even need to say that their performance was amazing? They are the most entertaining group in steampunk (next to burlesque, but that didn’t happen at the ball). The crowd was cheering and so emphatic (expressive)! Even Rabbit made muse to the fact that there songs didn’t need a segway. People sang along and swayed side to side with the band. It was so much fun! Steam Powered Giraffe has so much stage presence. The only thing missing was Michael Reed and The Jon’s wig (ha ha! had to be there)!


After all that fun, we stopped into the Original Market Diner for some lunch and they were great! It was a small diner but it was crazy packed. Despite how busy they were, we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get a table and the food come out pretty quickly. The food was so good too! We recommend finding them if you’re ever in Dallas.


All in all, it was a great weekend! More photos can be found on our facebook.


4 comments on “Sky Commodore’s Autumn Masquerade Ball Review

  1. Hibari says:

    Toby in normal clothes? Lies! (Actually I think I’ve seen a photo of him in casual clothes but I still like to pretend that he’s always dressed fancy.)

    I don’t remember if we met at the ball or not. There were so many people that it was hard enough for my airship captain to find everyone for a group photo. This was a great event though and I look forward to attending next year.

    ~Mina Mori, Airship Nocturne

  2. Am glad you had a good time. if you do want to vend will be starting the list by end of Oct.
    i am bringing both bands back and adding a Lot more.

    • Conwolv says:

      Thank you for putting on the show. It was a great event (as mentioned above) and we would love to come down for next years with the whole crew (vending or not). Amazing job, sir!

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