All Call – Steampunk Fashion

The first article in the Steampunk Fashion series is going to be corsets! If you make corsets, model in corsets, or just wear a corset in your Steampunk costume and would like to have your photo included in the article, please send your photo(s), name, and Airship/Company (if you have one) to coppertesla We’re looking for both women and men of all sizes (big and small)! We want to show how you can use a corset in your Steampunk costume from using them with victorian dresses, to using them in other styles of outfits. Also, if you fancy yourself an expert and want to share some knowledge about making or properly wearing a corset, feel free to contact us.

Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that we’ll use everyone’s photos or submissions. Once we’ve written up our own content, we’ll look through submissions and decide what fits in with our article. We’ll make sure everyone has proper credits and links. So, we’re still at least a few weeks or month out from having it ready.

Stay tuned for more!


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