Emerald City Steampunk Expo 2012

We are going to be at the Emerald City Steampunk Expo this upcoming weekend! It’s going to be in Wichita KS, Nov. 2nd to 4th. Yes, we will be vending and paneling! Come see Cpt. Coppertop, 1st Officer Reinier, Hired Gun Bennett Locke, Master Leatherworker Deadlance, and Journalist “Mad” Moira Methula. We love meeting and talking to new people. So, if you know us or haven’t met us yet, please stop by and get to know us!

We’ll be selling leather crafted items, nerf mods, goggles, handmade toys, and more!


When: Friday 5:30-6:30 pm
Where: Ruby Slipper Saloon (210C)
What: How to develop a Character

Captain Amelia “Coppertop” Reinier is going to talk to you about developing a character (or persona). She’s going to give you things to consider, such as setting, subgenres, and roles. There are lots of games out there, but what if you aren’t in a game? How do you make a persona without a rule book? What if you aren’t part of an Airship or don’t want to be a Skyrat (sky pirate)? What is the Multiverse? Cpt. Coppertop is going talk about the many choices you have and the best way to start when you’re looking to create a Steampunk Character.

These photos include both our SCARS and Dark Steampunk personas.


When: Saturday 11:30-12:30 pm
Where: Symposium Room 1 (208)
What: Steampunk for Beginners

If you are new to Steampunk and don’t know where to start, this is a great panel for you! 1st Officer Thomas Reinier is going to talk about what Steampunk is, the aesthetics, and some of the subgenres. He’s going to tell you about costuming on a budget, from making your own stuff to where to buy it. Thomas is also going to tell you about the local communities and how to find them. The best way to start in Steampunk, is to show up!

Our first crew photo at Oklahoma Steampunk Expo 2011 and first COGS community photo at Emerald City 2011!


When: Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm
Where: Symposium Room 1 (208)
What: Prop and Costume DIY

If you haven’t seen the work our Airship’s Master Leatherworker contributes to our costume designs, then come see us at the panel! Deadlance is going to share some of his talent with you at this DIY panel. He’s going to talk about building your own props and costumes, such as what to look for and what NOT to buy. He’ll give you pointers on where to shop. If you want to get into building your own stuff, come see what tricks and tips he has to share!

Some of Deadlance’s talented leatherwork that you will get to see this weekend!


Support our friends Marquis of Vaudeville for the Airship Awards

Every year, Steamcon gives awards to members of the Steampunk Community. This year, our friends at Marquis of Vaudeville has been nominated for this years Aural award. We want to congratulate Toby and friends for the nomination and hope they win! 

If you plan to attend Steamcon, please vote for Marquis of Vaudeville! 

For more information, please see: http://www.steamcon.org/concrete5/index.php/airship-awards


Izumicon Panels

We will be at Izumicon here in Oklahoma , November 9-11th! We will not be vending, but we will be hosting 5 panels, plus one sit-in panel. A “sit-in” panel is when you are invited to sit in on a panel being hosted by someone else, so that you can provide extra support. The schedule is not yet finalized, so days/times may change!

  • Saturday 11AM – The Influence of Anime in Steampunk
  • Saturday 12PM – Steampunk For Beginners
  • Saturday 3PM – Steampunk Cosplay Fusion
  • Saturday 7PM – Advanced LARP: Inspiring Emotion
  • Sunday 10AM – SIT IN – Character Development: Multiple Perspective
  • Sunday 1PM – Basic Nerf Painting

Obviously, the Influence of Anime in Steampunk will be all about how steampunk already exists in the anime world. We have a special love for both anime and steampunk, and you can find the steamer element in a lot of anime’s out there (such as Steamboy). There’s no reason why you can’t love both worlds! Come join us to find out more.

Steampunk for Beginners is where we’ll explain what Steampunk is. This panel will help you understand Steampunk before you dive into fusing it with your anime cosplay. Plus, you might find that you like steampunk in general. The aesthetics are beautiful, creative, and fun! It fits in with more than just anime – it’s great for historians, scifi buffs, and gothies too.

For the Steampunk Cosplay Fusion, we have some photos of some very talented cosplayers lined up. They are amazing steampunk versions of anime characters that we think people will love! We’ve got permission from some of the cosplayers, but we’re still waiting on permissions from photographers. They are going to provide excellent examples of how you can add some steampunk to your cosplay. We’ll go over some basic steampunk aesthetics and discuss ways to incorporate it into your anime cosplay. I highly recommend showing up to the panel in your favorite anime costume so we can help you with steampunk fusion ideas!

Advanced Larping isn’t specifically for steampunk. This is for any Live Action Rolplaying Game. We’ve been larping for over 10 years and we’ve played both good and evil characters. Our best played roles have been the bad guys, but it’s only because of the acting skills and tricks we’ve learned that inspire emotion. If you can master the techniques that we’re going to show you, your character will really come to life in a live action game. This panel is a must for any roleplayers – anime, steampunk, vampire, or other!

We can’t tell you much about the Character Development panel since it’s not being ran by us specifically. However, our roleplaying experience (as mentioned above) gives is a lot of character development experience. This should be a good panel if you want to get into role playing, whether larp or tabletop games.

Basic Nerf Painting is also not specific to steampunk. Yes, steamers do a ton of nerf modding, but so do lots of other genres of cosplay. If you like to play video games, like Halo or Borderlands, then you want to make the gun prop look as realistic to the game as you can. With anime characters that carry weaponry, having the perfect nerf mod will seriously compliment your cosplay! The basics really aren’t that hard and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a little insight in nerf modding!

We’ll be there all three days with a limited number of our crew in Steampunk costume. We’d love to talk to you and take photos of your amazing anime cosplay. We’re available to hang out and have fun at the convention all weekend, including hosting a game of Cards Against Humanity on Saturday night (18+ only, email for details). So come join us in November!

Octopodicon 2012 Review

The convention seemed like it went by really fast, because we were very busy… in a good way! We always had something to do and we did a little bit of everything. We had our vending tables, panels, a makeshop, attended Professor Element’s Chaphop Class and performances, and even sat in the Charity Jail! There were some mix ups here and there, but that’s normal for a first year convention. In fact, things went fairly smoothly for a first year con! It was a lot of fun and we definitely want to participate next year too. We learned a few things ourselves on what we feel we can improve on – such as vendor table arrangement, makeshop planning/organization, and panel scheduling. We value the opportunity to learn and grow, and we can’t do that without the conventions that give us those learning experiences! Thank you for a great con, Noddy!

First, we want to say WELL DONE to our crew! Cpt. Joey Codere of Airship Avenger (our sister ship) vended with us for the first time. He had some well done gun mods on the table and did quite well with helping out at the table and in panels. Bennett Locke and Chris Froste (the twin with green hair in the photo), while not contributing any merchandise, tended the table quite a bit so that the rest of us could do panels and attend other fun activities. They did very well tending the tables and we appreciate it. Chris is a former crewmate who may be rejoining now that he has more time to go to events with us. Also, Deadlance‘s girlfriend Lindsay, while also not an official crew member, contributed some lovely mini-top hats, steampunk witches hats, and metal fans to the table! Our Captain bought a witches hat herself because they are so DARLING! I highly recommend one if you plan to go steampunk for halloween! Of course, in addition to his awesome leatherwork, Deadlance was a trooper and tended the tables more than anyone else. The Captain and 1st officer Reinier did well in the panels (at least we think so) and we got some compliments on our organizational skills (such as a paper with bullet pointed topics to keep us on track and not forget anything). At the end of the weekend, I am proud of my crew


Cpt. Coppertop and Cpt. Codere went around the convention on Sunday to get photos with the Airship MascotsToki and Mr. Cthulhu. For the guests and vendors who humored us, you get an extra KUDOS! The vendors were good fun loving people and NO ONE turned us down for photos! In fact, many of them posed in humorous ways and Toki was given a couple of presents ❤

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Home from Octopodicon!

The title is a bit misleading as we’re from Oklahoma City where Octopodicon was at. However, we certainly feel like we were on the road for a long time. Whew! What a weekend! One of our most successful events and we had so much fun. From meeting Professor Elemental to doing panels throughout the weekend. We just had an awesome time and enjoyed spending it with all of you!

Coming up next is Emerald City in Wichita, KS on Nov 2nd through Nov 5th! After that, we’re taking a short break over the winter for the holidays and to gear up for 2013! But, we’ll be doing some local (OKC Area) workshops and mini-events for people in the community who want to get into steampunk and learn something new!

Some of the workshops we’re going to be doing are:

  • Nerf Painting – Learn how to do basic nerf painting. Hands on, requires nerf gun.
  • Basic Leather Working – Beginning leather working, learning how to cut, stamp dye leather for projects.
  • Steampunk Modifications – Bring your steampunk projects and get help or direction on how to modify your stuff for Steampunk!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at one (or all) of these workshops! Expect them to start sometime between November and January. We’ll do one a month on a Saturday! Keep watching this blog for more information about these workshops!