Octopodicon 2012 Review

The convention seemed like it went by really fast, because we were very busy… in a good way! We always had something to do and we did a little bit of everything. We had our vending tables, panels, a makeshop, attended Professor Element’s Chaphop Class and performances, and even sat in the Charity Jail! There were some mix ups here and there, but that’s normal for a first year convention. In fact, things went fairly smoothly for a first year con! It was a lot of fun and we definitely want to participate next year too. We learned a few things ourselves on what we feel we can improve on – such as vendor table arrangement, makeshop planning/organization, and panel scheduling. We value the opportunity to learn and grow, and we can’t do that without the conventions that give us those learning experiences! Thank you for a great con, Noddy!

First, we want to say WELL DONE to our crew! Cpt. Joey Codere of Airship Avenger (our sister ship) vended with us for the first time. He had some well done gun mods on the table and did quite well with helping out at the table and in panels. Bennett Locke and Chris Froste (the twin with green hair in the photo), while not contributing any merchandise, tended the table quite a bit so that the rest of us could do panels and attend other fun activities. They did very well tending the tables and we appreciate it. Chris is a former crewmate who may be rejoining now that he has more time to go to events with us. Also, Deadlance‘s girlfriend Lindsay, while also not an official crew member, contributed some lovely mini-top hats, steampunk witches hats, and metal fans to the table! Our Captain bought a witches hat herself because they are so DARLING! I highly recommend one if you plan to go steampunk for halloween! Of course, in addition to his awesome leatherwork, Deadlance was a trooper and tended the tables more than anyone else. The Captain and 1st officer Reinier did well in the panels (at least we think so) and we got some compliments on our organizational skills (such as a paper with bullet pointed topics to keep us on track and not forget anything). At the end of the weekend, I am proud of my crew


Cpt. Coppertop and Cpt. Codere went around the convention on Sunday to get photos with the Airship MascotsToki and Mr. Cthulhu. For the guests and vendors who humored us, you get an extra KUDOS! The vendors were good fun loving people and NO ONE turned us down for photos! In fact, many of them posed in humorous ways and Toki was given a couple of presents ❤

Otherwhen Oddities hosted a mini top hat makeshop. We didn’t get a chance to attend, but their top hats are very nice! It seems like lots of vendors make mini top hats (including ASH – Airship Horizons). Everyone has there own style of hats and my favorite of hers was the white one!

Airship Bonnie Read hosted a panel about “Why we chose Post-Apocalyptic”. It was a very interesting panel and certainly one to check out if you have never dabbled in the apocalypse or “Dustpunk” sub-genre. After checking out their vending table, I realize just how fun spoons can be! They make some very unique and interesting jewelry with dishware.


Artist Brad W. Foster was not only an awesome artist, but he was very informative and friendly. We talked art for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. He’s very expressive about his passions and he’s up for giving suggestions and pointers  for anyone who feels they need it. The piece that caught my eye was the Jeweled Owl behind him. It’s a very lovely piece! You can see more of his artwork on his website.

Custom Club Cuff was vending behind us. Last time we saw Vanessa, she was vending with DarkFaery. This time she had her own table! She had her usual wrist cuffs, which we’ve talked about before (they are useful for adults and kids to carry money and ID’s). However, this time, it was the masks and spiders that caught our eye! The spiders were lovely and perfect for Halloween. The Masks, while also good for Halloween, are especially great for Steampunk Balls! 1st Off. Reinier also traded her one of our lanyards for one of her lovely chokers. I just bought that gold mask in the photo below, because I love it! Thank you!


Speaking of DarkFaery, they were there too, with lots of their usual goodies. What I liked most were the Alice In Wonderland glasses and Zombie shoes! They are always so lovely to talk to and smiling. We see them at most of the same Steampunk Conventions that we go to.


The Dieselpunks of North Texas did a panel on dieselpunk. They focused on primarily the era content of where Dieselpunk comes from. They talked about the style and music in the 1920’s to 1950’s (the 50’s is where Dieselpunk breaks off into Atompunk). They showed you a lot of artwork, music, games, books, hair and clothing from that era – which is the core for making your Dieselpunk persona. Then you just have to add the punk-side to this sub-genre of Steampunk and you’re ready!


Kyla’s Keepsakes was a fun table to visit. She was super nice and she got really into the mascot photos! She even gifted a train to Toki. So Kyla gets an extra special mascot kudos! Her tables had a lot of merchandise from clothing, hairpieces, hats, and lots of trinkets. Her mini top hats were Halloween themed, which is great for this season. Now, I know this will sound strange, but she had some lovely decorated skulls. They really were lovely and creative. Also, we really like the handmade journals. The journals were made from scratch and they look like there was an awful lot of time put into them. We highly recommend getting one if you want something super special to put photos or autographs into!




Singing Lemur Jewelry is another highly enthusiastic, and cheerful, vendor that earned extra mascot kudos! She even has her own lemur mascot, and she gifted Toki a tiny set of keys! They had so many lovely jewelry pieces, shirt studs, feather stylus’, and more. We really liked the beatles and bats. They, also, had a lot of cameo styles pieces and elegant heart lockets. Captain bought a light bulb necklace that changes colors. The little robot watch was pretty tempting too! There was a lot there we wanted, so we hope to see the lemurs at the next con!



Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk has the cutest buttons ever! I love their little colorful clock buttons. They have beautiful heart pins, some  mini top hats, flight caps, and a variety of pretty things. Remember when I said that everyone’s mini top hats were different? Theirs looked mechanical and they were truly darling! The best way to describe their vending table, is Charming! They’ve even won a Simplicity costume contest, which they display the certificate proudly on the table. Check them out when you get a chance!


Steamer Trunk Treasure is another lovely vender at Octopodicon. They were unphased by the request to get mascot photos on their table, which is what earned them some mascot kudos! They had this gorgeous white peacock pin, and other fancy items. Just take a look at the photos we snapped last weekend.


The Steampunk Funk Bizarre had the best table setup and some of the best looking items at the convention. Their full sized top hats were velvet. The purses looked very formal. There was also gun mods on display, aviator caps, and leather flight gloves. Montague Jacques Fromage helped them earn some mascot kudos for posing with Toki and Mr. Cthulhu! Speaking of Mr. Fromage, he was a pleasure to meet. We greatly enjoyed his performance… especially his chaphop duel with Prof. Elemental. He definitely added more humor and enjoyment to the whole performance!



The local Tandy Leather Factory was vending next to us at Octopodicon! That was great placement, since our leatherworker Deadlance practically leaves in their store (not really, but he shops there plenty). Most steampunks know about Tandy and their classes. If you are in the local Oklahoma City area, you should check out their Steampunk Leather Hat class!


There was fencing in the lobby and they earned some SUPER MASCOT KUDOS for helping us orchestrate a sparring scene with our mascots! Fencing is cool, and it was great watching them spar… when we had a chance to between panels.


So, now let’s talk about Professor Elemental!  SO! MUCH! FUN! He’s fun to watch perform and he’s super approachable. Of course, he gets SUPER MASCOT KUDOS for his hilarious photos with our mascots… including a Dodo we gifted to him. He was so polite, kind, and crazy energetic. I imagine he puts energizer battery in his cup of tea. He took great photos for the Jail & Bail Charity (he really hammed it up). He told some fun stories, and even taught a chaphop class. The Chaphop class was where his talent really sworn through. Professor Elemental is very good at coming up with stuff off the top of his head. We were impressed. On top of all that, he autographed our chaphop draft paper!




Surprisingly, while I was rushing between panels, I was stopped by Debra Marlett-Campbell with a special gift. She said that she it was a thank you for our blog article “Quirkiness: The Good and The Bad”. It is a wonderful gift, so pretty, and our Captain loves it! Thank you so much!



There was so much fun stuff to do at this convention that we just can’t cover everything and everyone (not that we didn’t try)! There are people attending in great costumes, going to make shops, and just having fun. You can see a bunch of photos on our facebook. Here are some extra Mascot photos to make you smile!



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