Izumicon 2012 Review

(1st Off. Reinier, Cpt. Coppertop, and Cpt. Coderre)

At Izumicon, we had six panels and no vending table. We thought perhaps without a table we wouldn’t be working as hard… but we were wrong! We had a lot of fun and we were SO TIRED after the convention. We had plenty of participants in our panels and everyone was great. Many of the panels we had at Izumicon where held for the first time. We learned some things and figured out ways to improve the Anime-Steampunk fusion panels we designed. Everyone was understanding of the first-time panels and they all seemed to have  had a good time. We think that our more seasoned steampunk panels were fairly popular and we got several compliments! So, thank you all for coming!


Also, Cpt. Coderre of our sister ship, Airship Avenger, got to head the “Steampunk Influence In Anime” panel and he did wonderfully. He put a lot of research and effort into it, and we greatly appreciate his dedication.


Our 1st Officer Thomas Reinier sat-in on the Character Development panel that Izumicon put together, which consisted of screen writers, authors, and Thomas as an experienced role player. It was a great panel! They talked about creating characters and how to make them believable, and how to avoid doing too much. I highly recommend this panel!


My favorite part of the convention (aside from paneling and being silly with my crew) was the “Ask An Anime Character”. We had only stopped in to sit down because we were tired. However, the hilarity that is the voice actors behind a curtain pretending to be cartoon characters was fantastic! The questions were mostly silly, but the answers were funny. We got to meet Lisa Ortiz (Lina Inverse, Deedlit, Tony Tony Chopper, etc) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Kurasaki Ichigo, Vash the Stampede, Lelouch, etc). Johnny happens to be a Power Ranger and in a band called Eyeshine. I sat in on one of their concerts and they were pretty good. A fan brought Johnny a really nice guitar as a gift – it was so sweet!

Short Eyeshine Clip

During the “Ask An Anime Character” panel, I had asked in a cute animated voice if Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece (voiced by Lisa) would name “me” (the giraffe). I lied and said I was a 2 1/2 foot giraffe and Tony suggested “Giraffee”. While in the line to meet Lisa for real, Cpt. Joey Coderre and I were being silling… or more like I was being silly and making Joey laugh! So when we got to her, I said in that same cute voice that I did not like that name and I would be named RISA (“Lisa” in Engrish with an ominous silly tone) and then asked her to sign “my butt”. She asked in the voice of Tony, “Have you eaten recently?” RISA replied “No.. but I lied about my height too!” Lisa laughed. Joey laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. It was fun! Lisa and Johnny both signed RISA’s bottom to much my humor.




We ran into Otherwhen Oddities and Noddy Brothers (who brought us Octopodicon in October).  We were told by a few vendors that they heard kids complaining that there wasn’t enough Steampunk at the convention. It’s so nice to hear that the local anime kids want us! We told the vendors about our panels so they could direct people our way!

(Itzl – Noddy’s dog)

Speaking of vendors, there was a TON of CUTE OVERLOAD… giraffes, alpacas, nekomini ears, Adventure Time backpacks, dvd’s, anime pajama’s, artwork, etc! I bought me a white alpaca, because everyone has them at the anime cons we’ve been to, and I named her Izumi! In Artist’s Alley we found a few cute things that the Captain liked. There was Pleasantly Strange, who had the cutest little squiddy. Another table called Sweet Sheep Studio had little Heartless bugs and the gentleman selling them was so nice and humored our Captain’s hyperactivity.





And then there was the cosplay!


OH! The shenanigans we had! Cpt. Coderre has a right-hand drive jeep. I (Cpt. Coppertop) am a passenger on the side that is normally the driver’s side. I put both hands on the window and make a scared expression. The look on people’s faces was hilarious! We also went to Walmart in our Steampunk gear. An African American couple looks over and she says “Excuse me sir… what nationality are you?” …. “uhh… white?”… true story! It was humorous and we got to chat with some inquisitive people about Steampunk.

We had a great time at Izumicon and we thank them having having us there! We loved all the people we met and we hope to see more of you again! Please check out our facebook for the full collection of photos we took at Izumicon.

A Special THANK YOU to some wonderful cosplayers who gave us permission to use their cosplay photos as examples in our “Steampunk Cosplay Fusion” panel:


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  1. Oh hey! Thanks so much for the feature. ❤ It was great meeting y'all! Hope to see ya again next year!!

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