Underground Monster Carnival Review


This year we actually attended as vendors and there was a lot more activity at the Undergound Monster Carnival! We attended with our Dark Steampunk personas, as The Dark Ministries. We also had two new members attending, who did a wonderful job, and were officially added to the crew roster. We all had a blast! There was lots of creepy things floating around, including an evil easter bunny, creepy dolls, and the Oklahoma Legend Count Gregore! I’d have to say that it was a highlight for me (Ren Asthea) to get a hearty hug and nice photo with Count Gregore! There was also men roaming around in giant monster costumes and many cool things to gawk at.

SAM_2726 SAM_2712 SAM_2727 SAM_2688 SAM_2730 SAM_2729

Carnival Epsilon, out of Tulsa, did their thing and everyone seemed to quite enjoy it. Who wouldn’t like stapling money to a man’s back? You just shouldn’t have a carnival without a freak show, so this was a very nice touch to the event! And, of course, everyone loved little Cotterpin. He was hamming it up and I fell for those cute doggy eyes too.

Marcus (Epsilon) & Dr. Strauss (Ministries)

 SAM_2724 SAM_2781 SAM_2676

The attending patrons had great costumes and they were a very interesting bunch of people. Dr. Strauss and I (Ren) took Dickie the Kraken around to get photos with a bunch of people. People seemed to love the soft fabric and cotton candy aroma that we made Dickie with. There were plenty of jokes and laughter going around! We even ran into a few local steampunk  community friends, Kit (dress up as Mystique),  Jackson, and Vanessa (Custom Club Cuff) – it was great seeing you guys again! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to do it again next year!

SAM_2746 SAM_2765 SAM_2725 SAM_2735  SAM_2775  SAM_2697 SAM_2709 SAM_2708 SAM_2707 SAM_2705 SAM_2701

SAM_2700 SAM_2716 SAM_2766 SAM_2711


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