Rest In Peace: Richard LeParmentier

Richard LeParmentier, the actor who played Admiral Motti in Star Wars (the first character to ever be force choked by Darth Vader), passed away yesterday (April 15th – Read the news on We had just seen him at Planet Comicon the weekend of April 6th. It’s sad to see some of our childhood greats leaving us. We give our love to his family and fans.



Photos taken at Arklatex on 08-18-12 by Cpt. Coppertop


Celebrating 2 years!

Two years ago today, Airship Horizons was formed. A small group of us got together to form a crew of characters for a LARP being ran at the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo by our wonderful friend Jim Trent. 

That weekend we met Airship Isabella, Cherie Priest, James Agin and Jeremiah Ender who all inspired us to explore this wonderful community and gave us the idea to form a state Steampunk Group (COGS). 

We now travel the Southern USA going to conventions, selling our creations and exposing people to Steampunk by speaking in Panels and meeting new people! We’ve been given an amazing opportunity to expand and grow as a group, including some truly amazing people within our crew. 

As our Ship is named, we are always seeking new Horizons. We have a clear vision of what our future holds. 

Thank you, everyone for your support! 

Planet Comicon Review

We had a blast at Planet Comicon! We got to meet some celebrities and a few of them signed 1st Officer Reinier’s rifle. We got signatures from Yaya Han, Adam Baldwin, Wil Wheaton, and Capt’n. Black.


As always, we enjoyed meeting the fans too! We had a full room of guests at our “Steampunk For Beginners” panel. We invited crew from Airship Vindus to join us for the panel and they seemed to enjoy themselves too. We love running into fellow Airships and it’s nice to be able to collaborate with others of our community. The fans really enjoyed the panel, and they give us a much appreciated applause.

164975_487506217971330_389426851_n (1) 523453_487506204637998_2029516029_n

Panel Photos by Layla Anders of Airship Vindus

There were lots of fantastic costumes from Star Wars, Star trek, Doctor Who, Predator, Iron Man and many other superheroes (and villains), to Skeksis from The Dark Crystal and Steampunk. We took a bunch of pictures, but not nearly as many as we wanted to! There were amazing costumes that I wish we could have gotten photos of. There was even the Delorean from Back To The Future! Like we always say, we love meeting people and it was great having people stop by to chat and show off their costumes.

SAM_3581SAM_3517SAM_3545SAM_3544 SAM_3558 SAM_3561 SAM_3572 SAM_3582 SAM_3502

We had some fun with the Jail Bail on the last day, so most of us were no longer in costume by the end of the day. It’s always nice to help with charities, so we always make time for it if someone puts up the money for an Imperial arrest. It also gives us a short break from the vending table!

SAM_3563 SAM_3565 SAM_356858091_640984115917510_119116371_n

On our way home, we got stuck in Emporia KS, when the car “jump time”. That’s what they call it when the timing belt breaks and it feels like the car has jumped. The car rapidly lost momentum and then when it stopped on the side of the road, it was dead. Unfortunately, the car had to be junked and we rented a car back home. Good old Red has been a loyal car and we’ve been to so many conventions with her. It was a shame to see her go, but on the bright side, we made it home safely and the new car has more room and is a more comfortable ride!

894000_10152798430845495_151068834_o 894627_10152798336590495_102728528_o

Tesla Tea Party

SAM_3374 SAM_3298
We were vendors at the Tesla Tea Party in Tulsa OK, hosted by Felicia Baker. We had a lot of fun, especially with the guests. We enjoyed chatting with all the guests who dropped by the table. We also got to enjoy performances by Addisyn Madd, who very humorously posed with our Big Squid! It’s becoming rather a tradition to get photos taken with our squid and people seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. The event also provided a yummy table of finger foods. We certainly appreciated the noms (the Captain’s favorite was the egg salad sammiches)!
SAM_3358 SAM_3357
SAM_3293 SAM_3306
SAM_3380 SAM_3286
SAM_3348 SAM_3303
The venue was held at the Jazz Hall of Fame (a former train station), and it was quaint. We were told there is a lot more that hasn’t been restored yet; but what was there was interesting. They had pictures on the walls and displays set up that were very nice. I hope to visit again once they have more done. It reminded me of my original home in Louisiana.
Yep, our little mascot Toki was there too!
t was a small event, but we did well and had fun. We had our photo taken by Barry Lenard, we posed with a mad hatter,  we sang, we laughed, we danced, we played with a monkey marionette, took fun photos, recorded a few videos, and even stood in the center of the universe. Check out facebook for all of it. Thank you Marcus (Carnival Epsilon) for inviting us and we hope to do this again sometime!
Photo taken by Barry Lenard:
Cpt. Coderre (ASV), 1st. Alice Copperland (ASV), Cpt. Cheshire Coppertop, 1st Renier, and Deadlance.