Tesla Tea Party

SAM_3374 SAM_3298
We were vendors at the Tesla Tea Party in Tulsa OK, hosted by Felicia Baker. We had a lot of fun, especially with the guests. We enjoyed chatting with all the guests who dropped by the table. We also got to enjoy performances by Addisyn Madd, who very humorously posed with our Big Squid! It’s becoming rather a tradition to get photos taken with our squid and people seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. The event also provided a yummy table of finger foods. We certainly appreciated the noms (the Captain’s favorite was the egg salad sammiches)!
SAM_3358 SAM_3357
SAM_3293 SAM_3306
SAM_3380 SAM_3286
SAM_3348 SAM_3303
The venue was held at the Jazz Hall of Fame (a former train station), and it was quaint. We were told there is a lot more that hasn’t been restored yet; but what was there was interesting. They had pictures on the walls and displays set up that were very nice. I hope to visit again once they have more done. It reminded me of my original home in Louisiana.
Yep, our little mascot Toki was there too!
t was a small event, but we did well and had fun. We had our photo taken by Barry Lenard, we posed with a mad hatter,  we sang, we laughed, we danced, we played with a monkey marionette, took fun photos, recorded a few videos, and even stood in the center of the universe. Check out facebook for all of it. Thank you Marcus (Carnival Epsilon) for inviting us and we hope to do this again sometime!
Photo taken by Barry Lenard:
Cpt. Coderre (ASV), 1st. Alice Copperland (ASV), Cpt. Cheshire Coppertop, 1st Renier, and Deadlance.

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  1. Phi Remi says:

    Reblogged this on Carnival Epsilon and commented:
    Awesome review & pictures from an event we helped organize and host! It was a blast, and the Airship Horizons’ crew is always a ton of fun!

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