September Updates


Cpt. Coppertop & Grayson the Landshark

We’re all still alive and well, and having a good time! We haven’t blogged or posted to facebook much, as we’ve been through a lot of changes. After the tornadoes, the Captain and 1st Officer had a change in jobs – all good things and promotions. A good chunk of our time has been dedicated to adjusting to our new jobs and rescheduling our hobbies around that. However, we’ve all been enjoying ourselves, doing stuff together, and re-organizing the ship during the down time. We took this opportunity to hash out some improvements (both for the Airship and our personal lives) and explore new ideas. We want to be more than just in the steampunk scene, so you may see us venturing into other conventions as we go into the new year. Stay tuned for more!


Scarlet Rose


Our Mascots, Dickie & Hugo, enjoying Talk Like A Pirate Day!


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