Happy 14th Anniversary!

We met at a goth club when I was 20 years old. You were with me for my 21st birthday! You introduced me to Greg (Rest In Peace, my friend) and the Camarilla (a role playing club). You took  me to my first convention, one of many. You took me to my first rave and taught me it was okay to think for myself. You took me to my first real concert, and many after. You took me to my first grown up play in the theater this month (Phantom of the Opera) and to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the first time (last year). I had my first jalapeno with you, my first piece of sushi, my first real steak that I actually loved. You taught me to cook and to appreciate new foods. You broadened my horizons! We started a Steampunk group together. You taught me how to accept myself for who I am, because you loved me for me. You taught me how to forgive, because you tried my patience – a lot! We played games together, fought together, and grew together. We encouraged each other to become the responsible adults we are now without loosing ourselves (our hobbies and beliefs). We taught each other how to change our attitudes, how to compromise, and how to change our lives for the better. We became better people together and made it through some of the worst times together. We supported each other and loved each other through it all – sickness, health, poverty, wealth, sadness, anger, and happiness. The past seven years have been the best we’ve had and it gets better every year. Happy 14th Anniversary Thomas Reinier! I love you with all of my heart ❤


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