Support our friends Marquis of Vaudeville for the Airship Awards

Every year, Steamcon gives awards to members of the Steampunk Community. This year, our friends at Marquis of Vaudeville has been nominated for this years Aural award. We want to congratulate Toby and friends for the nomination and hope they win! 

If you plan to attend Steamcon, please vote for Marquis of Vaudeville! 

For more information, please see:



Home from Octopodicon!

The title is a bit misleading as we’re from Oklahoma City where Octopodicon was at. However, we certainly feel like we were on the road for a long time. Whew! What a weekend! One of our most successful events and we had so much fun. From meeting Professor Elemental to doing panels throughout the weekend. We just had an awesome time and enjoyed spending it with all of you!

Coming up next is Emerald City in Wichita, KS on Nov 2nd through Nov 5th! After that, we’re taking a short break over the winter for the holidays and to gear up for 2013! But, we’ll be doing some local (OKC Area) workshops and mini-events for people in the community who want to get into steampunk and learn something new!

Some of the workshops we’re going to be doing are:

  • Nerf Painting – Learn how to do basic nerf painting. Hands on, requires nerf gun.
  • Basic Leather Working – Beginning leather working, learning how to cut, stamp dye leather for projects.
  • Steampunk Modifications – Bring your steampunk projects and get help or direction on how to modify your stuff for Steampunk!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at one (or all) of these workshops! Expect them to start sometime between November and January. We’ll do one a month on a Saturday! Keep watching this blog for more information about these workshops!

Home from Arklatex Comic Con

We’ve safely docked in our home port of Oklahoma City! We loved meeting everyone in Texarkana! The people there were incredibly nice and welcoming!

We will be posting our pictures and review of the event in the next few days. We will also be updating our Etsy store with the items we didn’t sell at the con hopefully soon.

We’re looking forward to our next event, being AnimeFest in 2 weeks in Dallas (Labor Day Weekend!). We’ll be manning a booth with our good friends at the Steam Engine Intrepid! We hope to see you all there!

Good night!

Steampunk Community Guidelines

A couple of months ago, the Steampunk Community I’m a part of (SCARS) had some pretty bad drama between some of it’s members (as any community will have occasionally). I was inspired to do something about it. Knowing I can’t make anyone act a certain way, I thought “How do you help inspire the right behavior?” and begun writing out some guidelines of how I believe a community should behave. Now I know there’s a couple of places where the guidelines seem to contradict themselves, but keep in mind that it’s written to inspire the mindset of the individual and how they should act. Please feel free to borrow these and modify them to suit your community. I welcome feedback and suggestions. Inspired by the social guidelines from Burning Man and the Code of Conduct from the Camarilla, I present to you the Steampunk Community Guidelines.


Steampunk Community Guidelines


The South Central Armada of Renegate Steampunks (SCARS) is comprised of Steampunks of all backgrounds. We are a community built on the love for all things Steampunk. We understand that because we are different, we cannot always agree. These are guidelines to help our community grow and communicate despite those differences.


Respect Each Other

We must all respect one another. This can mean a lot of different things, such as respecting one’s wishes to be left alone or respecting another’s opinion on what is or is not Steampunk. We may not always agree, but we can always give respect to one another when interacting in the community. You do not have to like one another, but respect the community enough to not let that dislike bleed into the group.


Personal Resonsibility

You are responsible for your own experience, your own actions, and your community. By following this philosophy, you help everyone to get out of the community what they put in individually. No one but you are responsible for your fun and your actions.


Be Real First

Simple idea. Remember that you’re just acting out a role, and even if you don’t like a character in the game, the player might be a vastly different person. If you don’t like the way RP is going, step out of character and take a moment to talk with the players involved. We’re all here to have fun.


Have fun and help others have fun

Everyone is here to have fun. So, it is the responsibility of each of us to make sure that everyone enjoys the community to the best of their ability. If you see someone frustrated or seemingly not having any fun, please take the time to interact with them and see if you can help them enjoy the community.


Provide a Positive Image

Whether this is on the street or at an event, we will often get questions about “What is steampunk?” While our answers will always differ, the image we provide will have an impact on those outside of the community. We always want to be remembered in a positive way.



Anyone may be a part of Steampunk. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community. There is no wrong way to do Steampunk. We accept all forms of Steampunk.



Steampunk is filled with talented artists, performers, and engineers of all kinds. It’s a huge part of what makes up the Steampunk community. Everyone puts a lot of work and heart into their creations and many of us do this for a living. There is no “right way” to create art and self-expression. We should all respect each others art form, whether you like their work or not.


Community Support

As a community we promote working together and sharing. Collaboration between people generate creativity and some of the best works of engineering and artwork the comminuty has to offer. We also help promote and protect our social groups, merchandise, art forms, and our members. Without this support, we wouldn’t be a community.



We encourage our members to participate; whether it’s going to conventions, making things, posting in the forums, playing in the LARP or creating stories, volunteering, etc. The more people that participate, the more fun and profitable our community can be. By joining in on the activities you avoid loosing steam!


Dealing with Problems

We will not always like everyone in our community. If you have a problem with someone in the community, please find a way to resolve the issue privately or find a way to avoid airing out issues in public. Remember, it is sometimes best to sleep on an issue. Our outlook often changes after we’ve had time to cool off and think about it.

How to start an Airship

This is a short article that covers a little bit of what we cover in our Panel of the same name. Enjoy!

Starting an Airship is a fun way to get involved in steampunk if there isn’t one in your area or you have different interests than other Airships in your area. This document will help you plan for this and help you avoid some of the pitfalls many others have come across.


When building an Airship, the very first thing you should consider is “What is your goal?” That can be anything from “Be a business” to “Travel to events together.” This can help to define your group and find the most suitable people to be part of your crew. This way everyone has a clear idea of what the expectations of the Airship is.


Don’t be afraid to start small. I personally think it’s best to start small and grow from there. That way your Airship has time to grow and you don’t have as many growing pains at once. You will have problems as your crew grows. It’s just easier to deal with these problems one or two at a time rather than all at once.


Once you have a starting crew selected, you want to select your officers. This is generally your Captain and First Mate. It could include other positions depending on the needs of your group. These people should generally be responsible for organizing the crew and dealing with conflicts down the road (there will be conflict).


Speaking of conflicts, you will have some. People with different personalities with individual ideas will always conflict with others. Unless you happen to find the perfect crew the first time through, you’ll likely come across some sort of issue. Just be aware that it’s going to happen and besure to remind people that you’re all here to have fun. This is also why it’s important to have a clear set of goals for the group to avoid confusion and thus conflict.


Sometimes you have to remove people. Not everyone who joins your crew will work out. When the ship first starts out, you really can’t do trial members since everyone just joined. But don’t be afraid to ask someone to part ways. Just make sure you do so tactfully and maybe help them find another group more suited for what they want to get out of an Airship. It’s better to part ways than to let someone deter you from your goals.


As your crew grows, you’ll be able to do more as a group. Plan events, do things. Also, revisit your ships goals. Make sure that the goals you set in the beginning are the same goals your crew wants for the ship. New ideas may make for new goals for your ship.


Finally, get involved. Your area has a lot of steampunk groups in and around it. Steampunk is still growing and the more involved your Airship is, the more people you get to meet and interact with. That is the biggest key to this movement. The people involved make this all worth while. Go to smaller events out of your local area and support eachother’s Airships. They’ll turn around and do the same in return.