Happy 14th Anniversary!

We met at a goth club when I was 20 years old. You were with me for my 21st birthday! You introduced me to Greg (Rest In Peace, my friend) and the Camarilla (a role playing club). You took  me to my first convention, one of many. You took me to my first rave and taught me it was okay to think for myself. You took me to my first real concert, and many after. You took me to my first grown up play in the theater this month (Phantom of the Opera) and to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the first time (last year). I had my first jalapeno with you, my first piece of sushi, my first real steak that I actually loved. You taught me to cook and to appreciate new foods. You broadened my horizons! We started a Steampunk group together. You taught me how to accept myself for who I am, because you loved me for me. You taught me how to forgive, because you tried my patience – a lot! We played games together, fought together, and grew together. We encouraged each other to become the responsible adults we are now without loosing ourselves (our hobbies and beliefs). We taught each other how to change our attitudes, how to compromise, and how to change our lives for the better. We became better people together and made it through some of the worst times together. We supported each other and loved each other through it all – sickness, health, poverty, wealth, sadness, anger, and happiness. The past seven years have been the best we’ve had and it gets better every year. Happy 14th Anniversary Thomas Reinier! I love you with all of my heart ❤


Emerald City Steampunk Expo

We are proud to be a part of Emerald City Steampunk Expo. this year! Come see us at one of our panels:

Saturday (4-5pm): Steampunk for Beginners – Learn how to break into Steampunk without breaking the bank!

Sunday (3-4pm): How Firefly Inspired your Steampunk – A round table discussion about how Joss Whedon’s Masterpiece inspired you and your Steampunk!

Come visit us at our table! We’ll see you there!

June Updates

Tornado season has been brutal here in Oklahoma this year. Thankfully, our crew and loved ones have fared well. It was scary and intense, but we’re all very strong! We’ve had some hardships and some promotions, and changes… it’s been a crazy couple of months. Unfortunately, due to some of those hardships and changes, we just can’t make it to Bayoucon. We really wanted to go, but we really can’t do it. We’re very sorry for the cancellation!

However, we are still on for Ama-con on July 20th in Amarillo, TX. We are going to try to get as many of the crew there as we can (hopefully the whole crew). We will have a vending table setup with props and toys as usual. We will, also, be hosting our Darkside of Steampunk panel as our Dark Ministries personas.  This panel covers a more gothic style of Steampunk inspired by works of HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. We, also, talk about building a “Bad Guy” Steampunk persona.  So be sure to check it out!

As things are settling down more and changes are underway, we hope to get more stuff posted here and on our facebook page. We have a crafting room / engineering bay to get cleaned out and setup. We have storage bins and tools to buy. Then we can get more work done and maybe record some videos! We also have plans to do some public hangouts and maybe some panels via streaming. We’ll see! We have a lot of work to do. If all goes well, we may have the opportunity to do more local community stuff. It’s a slow process, but we hope to get more done soon.

Anyways, look for us at Ama-con and join us on facebook!

Rest In Peace: Richard LeParmentier

Richard LeParmentier, the actor who played Admiral Motti in Star Wars (the first character to ever be force choked by Darth Vader), passed away yesterday (April 15th – Read the news on Nerdzy.com). We had just seen him at Planet Comicon the weekend of April 6th. It’s sad to see some of our childhood greats leaving us. We give our love to his family and fans.



Photos taken at Arklatex on 08-18-12 by Cpt. Coppertop

Celebrating 2 years!

Two years ago today, Airship Horizons was formed. A small group of us got together to form a crew of characters for a LARP being ran at the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo by our wonderful friend Jim Trent. 

That weekend we met Airship Isabella, Cherie Priest, James Agin and Jeremiah Ender who all inspired us to explore this wonderful community and gave us the idea to form a state Steampunk Group (COGS). 

We now travel the Southern USA going to conventions, selling our creations and exposing people to Steampunk by speaking in Panels and meeting new people! We’ve been given an amazing opportunity to expand and grow as a group, including some truly amazing people within our crew. 

As our Ship is named, we are always seeking new Horizons. We have a clear vision of what our future holds. 

Thank you, everyone for your support! 

Tesla Tea Party!


A couple of us ladies are working on our costumes for this weekend. How does a Steampunk Alice and Cheshire Cat sound? We’re planning to enjoy ourselves at the Tesla Tea Party in Tulsa Oklahoma. The venue looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get pics in front of this old converted train station (now a Jazz Hall of Fame). We hope you plan to join us! If you are there, come by and say “Hi!” because we love seeing people (and cute cat girls too). Bring your camera and snapshot some memories… or better yet, let the professionals capture the memories for you!cheshire-me1


We’re excited to announce that Airship Horizons will be at CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA! Come see Airship Horizons at our table and visit with our crew! We’ll be bringing our unique list of wares and charm to the great state of Louisiana for the first time!

We’ll be posting more info about our upcoming visit in the coming weeks, including any and all panels we’ll be hosting as well as any events we’ll be a part of!

Be sure to get registered to go at http://www.cyphacon.org!  We’ll see you there!