Emerald City Steampunk Expo

We are proud to be a part of Emerald City Steampunk Expo. this year! Come see us at one of our panels:

Saturday (4-5pm): Steampunk for Beginners – Learn how to break into Steampunk without breaking the bank!

Sunday (3-4pm): How Firefly Inspired your Steampunk – A round table discussion about how Joss Whedon’s Masterpiece inspired you and your Steampunk!

Come visit us at our table! We’ll see you there!


June Updates

Tornado season has been brutal here in Oklahoma this year. Thankfully, our crew and loved ones have fared well. It was scary and intense, but we’re all very strong! We’ve had some hardships and some promotions, and changes… it’s been a crazy couple of months. Unfortunately, due to some of those hardships and changes, we just can’t make it to Bayoucon. We really wanted to go, but we really can’t do it. We’re very sorry for the cancellation!

However, we are still on for Ama-con on July 20th in Amarillo, TX. We are going to try to get as many of the crew there as we can (hopefully the whole crew). We will have a vending table setup with props and toys as usual. We will, also, be hosting our Darkside of Steampunk panel as our Dark Ministries personas.  This panel covers a more gothic style of Steampunk inspired by works of HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. We, also, talk about building a “Bad Guy” Steampunk persona.  So be sure to check it out!

As things are settling down more and changes are underway, we hope to get more stuff posted here and on our facebook page. We have a crafting room / engineering bay to get cleaned out and setup. We have storage bins and tools to buy. Then we can get more work done and maybe record some videos! We also have plans to do some public hangouts and maybe some panels via streaming. We’ll see! We have a lot of work to do. If all goes well, we may have the opportunity to do more local community stuff. It’s a slow process, but we hope to get more done soon.

Anyways, look for us at Ama-con and join us on facebook!

Cyphacon Review

We always tend to enjoy ourselves at every convention we go to, and we have a special place for small cons. Small conventions are more personal and easy going. Cyphacon was held in Lake Charles, LA  where I (Cpt. Coppertop) was born and raised. That made it a little more special. I got to visit with some of my family, see familiar sights, and eat some good cajun food that I grew up on!

SAM_37242013-04-20 14.41.282013-04-20 20.38.24SAM_3947SAM_3691SAM_3988SAM_3989SAM_3984

See more Lake Charles photos on our facebook.

The convention was so nice and the con staff were very helpful. It was an easy going event, despite having a very busy weekend! We splurged a little bit, buying some items from some of the vendors, such as the two Firefly oriented cd’s from the Bedlam Bards, a pochi (Japanese purse), a koneko (little kitty), and bigger maneki neko (cat) from the asian vendor (I apologize, but we don’t know what their name was), Tezuka fanart, and more! Not many people (that I’ve met in the anime community) remember Osamu Tezuka’s works. Disney played the english dubbed version of Unico in the US when I was a little girl. I also remember watching The Lion King for the first time in the 90’s and it was basically Kimba the White Lion (also known as Jungle Emperor Leo)! Unico was my first ever anime, so I was stoked to see the fanart!

2013-04-19 21.19.402013-04-21 11.15.33SAM_3809SAM_3808

I also bought one of Amelia’s hand knitted kitties (Radical Works), whom I have named Niji (Japanese meaning rainbow). Later at home, I sewed her on some pearl eyes and a cute little pink nose!


They had a lot of great costumes. Fans always come up with great cosplay and ideas. My favorites that weekend were the dancing Orion slave girls (Star Trek). These ladies are some nerdy and talented lovelies!


See more Cyphacon photos and videos on our facebook.

After Cyphacon, we went to New Orleans, LA and had a blast! We drank on Bourbon St, strolled the french quarter and open-air market, visited Airship Isabella at their new shop, and visited the Audubon Aquarium. We love Louisiana… it’s my home at heart!


See more photos of New Orleans and the Aquarium, and videos on our facebook!

Planet Comicon Review

We had a blast at Planet Comicon! We got to meet some celebrities and a few of them signed 1st Officer Reinier’s rifle. We got signatures from Yaya Han, Adam Baldwin, Wil Wheaton, and Capt’n. Black.


As always, we enjoyed meeting the fans too! We had a full room of guests at our “Steampunk For Beginners” panel. We invited crew from Airship Vindus to join us for the panel and they seemed to enjoy themselves too. We love running into fellow Airships and it’s nice to be able to collaborate with others of our community. The fans really enjoyed the panel, and they give us a much appreciated applause.

164975_487506217971330_389426851_n (1) 523453_487506204637998_2029516029_n

Panel Photos by Layla Anders of Airship Vindus

There were lots of fantastic costumes from Star Wars, Star trek, Doctor Who, Predator, Iron Man and many other superheroes (and villains), to Skeksis from The Dark Crystal and Steampunk. We took a bunch of pictures, but not nearly as many as we wanted to! There were amazing costumes that I wish we could have gotten photos of. There was even the Delorean from Back To The Future! Like we always say, we love meeting people and it was great having people stop by to chat and show off their costumes.

SAM_3581SAM_3517SAM_3545SAM_3544 SAM_3558 SAM_3561 SAM_3572 SAM_3582 SAM_3502

We had some fun with the Jail Bail on the last day, so most of us were no longer in costume by the end of the day. It’s always nice to help with charities, so we always make time for it if someone puts up the money for an Imperial arrest. It also gives us a short break from the vending table!

SAM_3563 SAM_3565 SAM_356858091_640984115917510_119116371_n

On our way home, we got stuck in Emporia KS, when the car “jump time”. That’s what they call it when the timing belt breaks and it feels like the car has jumped. The car rapidly lost momentum and then when it stopped on the side of the road, it was dead. Unfortunately, the car had to be junked and we rented a car back home. Good old Red has been a loyal car and we’ve been to so many conventions with her. It was a shame to see her go, but on the bright side, we made it home safely and the new car has more room and is a more comfortable ride!

894000_10152798430845495_151068834_o 894627_10152798336590495_102728528_o

Tesla Tea Party!


A couple of us ladies are working on our costumes for this weekend. How does a Steampunk Alice and Cheshire Cat sound? We’re planning to enjoy ourselves at the Tesla Tea Party in Tulsa Oklahoma. The venue looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get pics in front of this old converted train station (now a Jazz Hall of Fame). We hope you plan to join us! If you are there, come by and say “Hi!” because we love seeing people (and cute cat girls too). Bring your camera and snapshot some memories… or better yet, let the professionals capture the memories for you!cheshire-me1

Underground Monster Carnival Review


This year we actually attended as vendors and there was a lot more activity at the Undergound Monster Carnival! We attended with our Dark Steampunk personas, as The Dark Ministries. We also had two new members attending, who did a wonderful job, and were officially added to the crew roster. We all had a blast! There was lots of creepy things floating around, including an evil easter bunny, creepy dolls, and the Oklahoma Legend Count Gregore! I’d have to say that it was a highlight for me (Ren Asthea) to get a hearty hug and nice photo with Count Gregore! There was also men roaming around in giant monster costumes and many cool things to gawk at.

SAM_2726 SAM_2712 SAM_2727 SAM_2688 SAM_2730 SAM_2729

Carnival Epsilon, out of Tulsa, did their thing and everyone seemed to quite enjoy it. Who wouldn’t like stapling money to a man’s back? You just shouldn’t have a carnival without a freak show, so this was a very nice touch to the event! And, of course, everyone loved little Cotterpin. He was hamming it up and I fell for those cute doggy eyes too.

Marcus (Epsilon) & Dr. Strauss (Ministries)

 SAM_2724 SAM_2781 SAM_2676

The attending patrons had great costumes and they were a very interesting bunch of people. Dr. Strauss and I (Ren) took Dickie the Kraken around to get photos with a bunch of people. People seemed to love the soft fabric and cotton candy aroma that we made Dickie with. There were plenty of jokes and laughter going around! We even ran into a few local steampunk  community friends, Kit (dress up as Mystique),  Jackson, and Vanessa (Custom Club Cuff) – it was great seeing you guys again! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to do it again next year!

SAM_2746 SAM_2765 SAM_2725 SAM_2735  SAM_2775  SAM_2697 SAM_2709 SAM_2708 SAM_2707 SAM_2705 SAM_2701

SAM_2700 SAM_2716 SAM_2766 SAM_2711

Underground Monster Carnival


Our Captain is working on some brand new toy ideas… clay faced toys! We should have some ready just in time for the Underground Monster Carnival here in OKC on March 2nd. We will be there as The Dark Ministries (our dark steampunk characters). It’s a one-day carnival-themed event. There event has a B-movie horror film room. If you like old B-rate scary stuff, some join us!

When: March 2, 2013 2pm-10pm
Where: OKC Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
Cost: $11 adults/11+ , $7 ages 10 and younger, under 3yrs old is free
(these prices include taxes and fees)