Toy Goggles!

I’ve been through several toy goggle prototypes. I’ve discussed ideas with Amelia (of Airship Isabella), with our own crewmates, and with co-workers who aren’t involved in steam. With all the great ideas and suggestions and experimentation, we still hadn’t settled on how to make them. When we discovered Amazing Putty Mold and Resin Casting on our own, we finally found a winner!

We started using the mold and resin for cameos, buttons, and other projects, and then we thought “why not the goggles?” At first, we were going to make a mold of a plastic bottle cap that had a hole drilled out of the top to use as the “cap”, then use vinyl to make the rest of the goggle piece. However, my first officer had a better idea. He suggested that I make the goggles out of clay as one whole piece. I make a lot of clay trinkets and little models, so sure, why not goggles too? I took one of our unmodded goggles to use for reference and made some small clay goggles out of clay. Then the mold making was a whole new experiment. It took a chunk of wasted putty, and several bad molds before we figured out a better way to make the mold. It’s hard to explain, but how you fashion the mold takes some practice sometimes. But we did it! We found something that works, that we really like.


I made three sizes from small to teeny. We will only be selling the standard small size, but can take custom orders. After the mold was made, it was about 20 minutes of waiting for the resin to set in the mold, then I painted the top part with rub-n-buff, and then wrapped the rest in fabric. I wrap them much in the same way that we wrap the real goggles, but I don’t use leather and I use superglue (and tacky glue). I made the straps out of a combination of the fabric and elastic.

As you can see in the photo below, we went with a flat top instead of the lens-like top. It was easier to make the mold if we left the top open which resulted in a flat surface. It still looked good, so we stuck with it. I might make improvements later on down the road.


Niji the Radical Cat assisted me in modeling the mostly finished goggles. I bought Niji from Radical Works, and she happens to look good in our new goggles! I didn’t close the goggles off with the elastic yet, because I think it’s better to do that when they are bought. That way the person who bought it can have it measured according to the toy they want to put them on. I figure, you can either put them on toys you buy from us, or toys you buy from someone else! In fact, if you don’t want to use elastic, you can fashion the end of the goggles with more fabric, with velcro, buckles or buttons, or whatever you want to do with your new goggles!











Underground Monster Carnival


Our Captain is working on some brand new toy ideas… clay faced toys! We should have some ready just in time for the Underground Monster Carnival here in OKC on March 2nd. We will be there as The Dark Ministries (our dark steampunk characters). It’s a one-day carnival-themed event. There event has a B-movie horror film room. If you like old B-rate scary stuff, some join us!

When: March 2, 2013 2pm-10pm
Where: OKC Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
Cost: $11 adults/11+ , $7 ages 10 and younger, under 3yrs old is free
(these prices include taxes and fees)

Emerald City Steampunk Expo 2012

We are going to be at the Emerald City Steampunk Expo this upcoming weekend! It’s going to be in Wichita KS, Nov. 2nd to 4th. Yes, we will be vending and paneling! Come see Cpt. Coppertop, 1st Officer Reinier, Hired Gun Bennett Locke, Master Leatherworker Deadlance, and Journalist “Mad” Moira Methula. We love meeting and talking to new people. So, if you know us or haven’t met us yet, please stop by and get to know us!

We’ll be selling leather crafted items, nerf mods, goggles, handmade toys, and more!


When: Friday 5:30-6:30 pm
Where: Ruby Slipper Saloon (210C)
What: How to develop a Character

Captain Amelia “Coppertop” Reinier is going to talk to you about developing a character (or persona). She’s going to give you things to consider, such as setting, subgenres, and roles. There are lots of games out there, but what if you aren’t in a game? How do you make a persona without a rule book? What if you aren’t part of an Airship or don’t want to be a Skyrat (sky pirate)? What is the Multiverse? Cpt. Coppertop is going talk about the many choices you have and the best way to start when you’re looking to create a Steampunk Character.

These photos include both our SCARS and Dark Steampunk personas.


When: Saturday 11:30-12:30 pm
Where: Symposium Room 1 (208)
What: Steampunk for Beginners

If you are new to Steampunk and don’t know where to start, this is a great panel for you! 1st Officer Thomas Reinier is going to talk about what Steampunk is, the aesthetics, and some of the subgenres. He’s going to tell you about costuming on a budget, from making your own stuff to where to buy it. Thomas is also going to tell you about the local communities and how to find them. The best way to start in Steampunk, is to show up!

Our first crew photo at Oklahoma Steampunk Expo 2011 and first COGS community photo at Emerald City 2011!


When: Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm
Where: Symposium Room 1 (208)
What: Prop and Costume DIY

If you haven’t seen the work our Airship’s Master Leatherworker contributes to our costume designs, then come see us at the panel! Deadlance is going to share some of his talent with you at this DIY panel. He’s going to talk about building your own props and costumes, such as what to look for and what NOT to buy. He’ll give you pointers on where to shop. If you want to get into building your own stuff, come see what tricks and tips he has to share!

Some of Deadlance’s talented leatherwork that you will get to see this weekend!


Steampunk Dreads


We’ve come up with our own style of steampunk dreads that will be soft and adorned with a few trinkets, buttons, and/or gears. They won’t be your typical cyberlocks or skittlekid hair pieces. We wanted ours to fit what we imagine to be steampunk elements and hopefully have a more sophisticated look. By adding buttons, lace, gears, brass, and copper wires to selective dreads, but not over-inundated them with trinkets, I think we accomplished this!  Our captain is very tactile, so all of the dreads can be expected to be soft!

At this time, we only plan to make white (in the photos above), copper (also in the photos above), tan, brown, and black dreads. We may, also,  be making dual black & red and red & white for Dark Ministries (our Dark Steampunk). However, we will be accepting commissions for other colors too! We will be debuting them on our vending table at Octopodicon!

Steampunk Community Toymakers

We’re not going to cover just any kind of toy in this article… we’re talking about softies! We’re going to talk about our toys and other toymakers in the Steampunk Community! First and foremost, we want to tell you about our toys here at Airship Horizons. We call our brand of toys Steampunk Mascots. We have two types of mascots, the “Dapper” Mascots and the “Pet” Mascots.

The Dapper Mascots are all typically made from the same pattern and come with two accessories, which you can mix and match, and even purchase more accessories! Most of the Dapper Mascots end up sold with a Vest and Tophat, or Vest and Tie. We are working on some new and improved Goggles for them too! We have an assortment of accessories, from sew-on mustaches, monocles, flowers, and other little things. We also have some scented toys on the table… right now we have Chocolate, Vanilla, and Sugar Cookie aromas.

The primary Dapper species are Dodo Birds, Jackalopes, and Monsters. The Monsters seem to be the most popular, so you’ll see a lot more of these around. Halloween will debut Skeleton Mascots (made from another pattern). For Christmas, we have a pretty awesome Dapper Snowman “Mr. Merriweather”, and some Yeti’s to come! You might even see some Steampunk xmas hat accessories! Easter will bring a bunny mascot to the table (very likely scented with chocolate). Who knows what else we might come up with!

The Pet Mascots are varied and are sold without any accessories included. However, you can buy accessories to put on them too (with the accessories that fit or can be sewn-on). Some customers have been pretty creative with our toys! The Pet species are a range of random toys, but we regularly make Free-Standing Owls, Miyazaki’s (consisting of Chibi Totoro, Soot Sprites, and a Soot counterpart we’ve created called Flurries), Octopods (including both adults and cute little babies), Squids, and Platypus. We hope to add a Cuttlefish and Axolotl to the table in the near future. You’ll be seeing seasonal toys on the table, such as special little ghosts, bats, imps, and maybe even little tarantulas! Easter will have special scented bunnies. Just wait and see!

We, also, take commissions! If you don’t see what you want on our table (or on the Mascot facebook page) you should still ask. We have resources for finding or making patterns. If we don’t think we can make what you want, you have a list of other toymakers further on in this article that we can refer you too!

Here’s a look at some our Dapper Mascots: 
These are some of the Pet Mascots, with a few creatively dressed:
This is our new and improved Squid:
Here’s a sneak peak at our Holiday toys – unfinished:

We are currently working on a Cuttlefish pattern (hopefully in it’s last draft), an Axolotl (still in early draft), and we have a pattern trade with Jesse Thaxton for her octopus. We’ll be making her Octopus on a smaller scale and promoting her very cuddly BIG octopus! In the trade, she has our new Squid and hopefully we’ll be seeing some BIG squids on her table! We have other plans in the works, but that’s all we have to share for now.

As you may have guessed, we are willing to trade patterns with promotional respects (on a case by case basis). We can’t trade any of the patterns that we did not make (which includes any patterns someone trades to us). The way it works is, we will make and SELL toys made from patterns we receive. Anyone who buys (or admires) one of our toys, made with your pattern, we’ll let them know that it’s your pattern and that you make toys too! In exchange, you get to make and sell toys from our patterns and agree to promote us to anyone who buys (or admires) a toy made from our pattern. We will even post your name on our list of pattern credits which will be posted at the vending table. We can’t guarantee that we will trade with everyone; as it depends on how much time and space we have, and what types of toys we’re interested in… but if you are interested, let us know!

Now that we’ve promoted the heck out of ourselves, it’s time to get to our toymaking friends in the community!

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