Cyphacon Review

We always tend to enjoy ourselves at every convention we go to, and we have a special place for small cons. Small conventions are more personal and easy going. Cyphacon was held in Lake Charles, LA  where I (Cpt. Coppertop) was born and raised. That made it a little more special. I got to visit with some of my family, see familiar sights, and eat some good cajun food that I grew up on!

SAM_37242013-04-20 14.41.282013-04-20 20.38.24SAM_3947SAM_3691SAM_3988SAM_3989SAM_3984

See more Lake Charles photos on our facebook.

The convention was so nice and the con staff were very helpful. It was an easy going event, despite having a very busy weekend! We splurged a little bit, buying some items from some of the vendors, such as the two Firefly oriented cd’s from the Bedlam Bards, a pochi (Japanese purse), a koneko (little kitty), and bigger maneki neko (cat) from the asian vendor (I apologize, but we don’t know what their name was), Tezuka fanart, and more! Not many people (that I’ve met in the anime community) remember Osamu Tezuka’s works. Disney played the english dubbed version of Unico in the US when I was a little girl. I also remember watching The Lion King for the first time in the 90’s and it was basically Kimba the White Lion (also known as Jungle Emperor Leo)! Unico was my first ever anime, so I was stoked to see the fanart!

2013-04-19 21.19.402013-04-21 11.15.33SAM_3809SAM_3808

I also bought one of Amelia’s hand knitted kitties (Radical Works), whom I have named Niji (Japanese meaning rainbow). Later at home, I sewed her on some pearl eyes and a cute little pink nose!


They had a lot of great costumes. Fans always come up with great cosplay and ideas. My favorites that weekend were the dancing Orion slave girls (Star Trek). These ladies are some nerdy and talented lovelies!


See more Cyphacon photos and videos on our facebook.

After Cyphacon, we went to New Orleans, LA and had a blast! We drank on Bourbon St, strolled the french quarter and open-air market, visited Airship Isabella at their new shop, and visited the Audubon Aquarium. We love Louisiana… it’s my home at heart!


See more photos of New Orleans and the Aquarium, and videos on our facebook!


Planet Comicon Review

We had a blast at Planet Comicon! We got to meet some celebrities and a few of them signed 1st Officer Reinier’s rifle. We got signatures from Yaya Han, Adam Baldwin, Wil Wheaton, and Capt’n. Black.


As always, we enjoyed meeting the fans too! We had a full room of guests at our “Steampunk For Beginners” panel. We invited crew from Airship Vindus to join us for the panel and they seemed to enjoy themselves too. We love running into fellow Airships and it’s nice to be able to collaborate with others of our community. The fans really enjoyed the panel, and they give us a much appreciated applause.

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Panel Photos by Layla Anders of Airship Vindus

There were lots of fantastic costumes from Star Wars, Star trek, Doctor Who, Predator, Iron Man and many other superheroes (and villains), to Skeksis from The Dark Crystal and Steampunk. We took a bunch of pictures, but not nearly as many as we wanted to! There were amazing costumes that I wish we could have gotten photos of. There was even the Delorean from Back To The Future! Like we always say, we love meeting people and it was great having people stop by to chat and show off their costumes.

SAM_3581SAM_3517SAM_3545SAM_3544 SAM_3558 SAM_3561 SAM_3572 SAM_3582 SAM_3502

We had some fun with the Jail Bail on the last day, so most of us were no longer in costume by the end of the day. It’s always nice to help with charities, so we always make time for it if someone puts up the money for an Imperial arrest. It also gives us a short break from the vending table!

SAM_3563 SAM_3565 SAM_356858091_640984115917510_119116371_n

On our way home, we got stuck in Emporia KS, when the car “jump time”. That’s what they call it when the timing belt breaks and it feels like the car has jumped. The car rapidly lost momentum and then when it stopped on the side of the road, it was dead. Unfortunately, the car had to be junked and we rented a car back home. Good old Red has been a loyal car and we’ve been to so many conventions with her. It was a shame to see her go, but on the bright side, we made it home safely and the new car has more room and is a more comfortable ride!

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Tesla Tea Party

SAM_3374 SAM_3298
We were vendors at the Tesla Tea Party in Tulsa OK, hosted by Felicia Baker. We had a lot of fun, especially with the guests. We enjoyed chatting with all the guests who dropped by the table. We also got to enjoy performances by Addisyn Madd, who very humorously posed with our Big Squid! It’s becoming rather a tradition to get photos taken with our squid and people seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. The event also provided a yummy table of finger foods. We certainly appreciated the noms (the Captain’s favorite was the egg salad sammiches)!
SAM_3358 SAM_3357
SAM_3293 SAM_3306
SAM_3380 SAM_3286
SAM_3348 SAM_3303
The venue was held at the Jazz Hall of Fame (a former train station), and it was quaint. We were told there is a lot more that hasn’t been restored yet; but what was there was interesting. They had pictures on the walls and displays set up that were very nice. I hope to visit again once they have more done. It reminded me of my original home in Louisiana.
Yep, our little mascot Toki was there too!
t was a small event, but we did well and had fun. We had our photo taken by Barry Lenard, we posed with a mad hatter,  we sang, we laughed, we danced, we played with a monkey marionette, took fun photos, recorded a few videos, and even stood in the center of the universe. Check out facebook for all of it. Thank you Marcus (Carnival Epsilon) for inviting us and we hope to do this again sometime!
Photo taken by Barry Lenard:
Cpt. Coderre (ASV), 1st. Alice Copperland (ASV), Cpt. Cheshire Coppertop, 1st Renier, and Deadlance.

Underground Monster Carnival Review


This year we actually attended as vendors and there was a lot more activity at the Undergound Monster Carnival! We attended with our Dark Steampunk personas, as The Dark Ministries. We also had two new members attending, who did a wonderful job, and were officially added to the crew roster. We all had a blast! There was lots of creepy things floating around, including an evil easter bunny, creepy dolls, and the Oklahoma Legend Count Gregore! I’d have to say that it was a highlight for me (Ren Asthea) to get a hearty hug and nice photo with Count Gregore! There was also men roaming around in giant monster costumes and many cool things to gawk at.

SAM_2726 SAM_2712 SAM_2727 SAM_2688 SAM_2730 SAM_2729

Carnival Epsilon, out of Tulsa, did their thing and everyone seemed to quite enjoy it. Who wouldn’t like stapling money to a man’s back? You just shouldn’t have a carnival without a freak show, so this was a very nice touch to the event! And, of course, everyone loved little Cotterpin. He was hamming it up and I fell for those cute doggy eyes too.

Marcus (Epsilon) & Dr. Strauss (Ministries)

 SAM_2724 SAM_2781 SAM_2676

The attending patrons had great costumes and they were a very interesting bunch of people. Dr. Strauss and I (Ren) took Dickie the Kraken around to get photos with a bunch of people. People seemed to love the soft fabric and cotton candy aroma that we made Dickie with. There were plenty of jokes and laughter going around! We even ran into a few local steampunk  community friends, Kit (dress up as Mystique),  Jackson, and Vanessa (Custom Club Cuff) – it was great seeing you guys again! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to do it again next year!

SAM_2746 SAM_2765 SAM_2725 SAM_2735  SAM_2775  SAM_2697 SAM_2709 SAM_2708 SAM_2707 SAM_2705 SAM_2701

SAM_2700 SAM_2716 SAM_2766 SAM_2711

Izumicon 2012 Review

(1st Off. Reinier, Cpt. Coppertop, and Cpt. Coderre)

At Izumicon, we had six panels and no vending table. We thought perhaps without a table we wouldn’t be working as hard… but we were wrong! We had a lot of fun and we were SO TIRED after the convention. We had plenty of participants in our panels and everyone was great. Many of the panels we had at Izumicon where held for the first time. We learned some things and figured out ways to improve the Anime-Steampunk fusion panels we designed. Everyone was understanding of the first-time panels and they all seemed to have  had a good time. We think that our more seasoned steampunk panels were fairly popular and we got several compliments! So, thank you all for coming!


Also, Cpt. Coderre of our sister ship, Airship Avenger, got to head the “Steampunk Influence In Anime” panel and he did wonderfully. He put a lot of research and effort into it, and we greatly appreciate his dedication.


Our 1st Officer Thomas Reinier sat-in on the Character Development panel that Izumicon put together, which consisted of screen writers, authors, and Thomas as an experienced role player. It was a great panel! They talked about creating characters and how to make them believable, and how to avoid doing too much. I highly recommend this panel!


My favorite part of the convention (aside from paneling and being silly with my crew) was the “Ask An Anime Character”. We had only stopped in to sit down because we were tired. However, the hilarity that is the voice actors behind a curtain pretending to be cartoon characters was fantastic! The questions were mostly silly, but the answers were funny. We got to meet Lisa Ortiz (Lina Inverse, Deedlit, Tony Tony Chopper, etc) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Kurasaki Ichigo, Vash the Stampede, Lelouch, etc). Johnny happens to be a Power Ranger and in a band called Eyeshine. I sat in on one of their concerts and they were pretty good. A fan brought Johnny a really nice guitar as a gift – it was so sweet!

Short Eyeshine Clip

During the “Ask An Anime Character” panel, I had asked in a cute animated voice if Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece (voiced by Lisa) would name “me” (the giraffe). I lied and said I was a 2 1/2 foot giraffe and Tony suggested “Giraffee”. While in the line to meet Lisa for real, Cpt. Joey Coderre and I were being silling… or more like I was being silly and making Joey laugh! So when we got to her, I said in that same cute voice that I did not like that name and I would be named RISA (“Lisa” in Engrish with an ominous silly tone) and then asked her to sign “my butt”. She asked in the voice of Tony, “Have you eaten recently?” RISA replied “No.. but I lied about my height too!” Lisa laughed. Joey laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. It was fun! Lisa and Johnny both signed RISA’s bottom to much my humor.




We ran into Otherwhen Oddities and Noddy Brothers (who brought us Octopodicon in October).  We were told by a few vendors that they heard kids complaining that there wasn’t enough Steampunk at the convention. It’s so nice to hear that the local anime kids want us! We told the vendors about our panels so they could direct people our way!

(Itzl – Noddy’s dog)

Speaking of vendors, there was a TON of CUTE OVERLOAD… giraffes, alpacas, nekomini ears, Adventure Time backpacks, dvd’s, anime pajama’s, artwork, etc! I bought me a white alpaca, because everyone has them at the anime cons we’ve been to, and I named her Izumi! In Artist’s Alley we found a few cute things that the Captain liked. There was Pleasantly Strange, who had the cutest little squiddy. Another table called Sweet Sheep Studio had little Heartless bugs and the gentleman selling them was so nice and humored our Captain’s hyperactivity.





And then there was the cosplay!


OH! The shenanigans we had! Cpt. Coderre has a right-hand drive jeep. I (Cpt. Coppertop) am a passenger on the side that is normally the driver’s side. I put both hands on the window and make a scared expression. The look on people’s faces was hilarious! We also went to Walmart in our Steampunk gear. An African American couple looks over and she says “Excuse me sir… what nationality are you?” …. “uhh… white?”… true story! It was humorous and we got to chat with some inquisitive people about Steampunk.

We had a great time at Izumicon and we thank them having having us there! We loved all the people we met and we hope to see more of you again! Please check out our facebook for the full collection of photos we took at Izumicon.

A Special THANK YOU to some wonderful cosplayers who gave us permission to use their cosplay photos as examples in our “Steampunk Cosplay Fusion” panel:

EmeraldCity 2012 Review

We remembered last EmeraldCity fondly, and this hasn’t changed this year either. We had fun talking to new people, old friends, and other Airships, and fellow vendors. We enjoyed hosting the few panels we had and the people sitting in were great! We didn’t get to sit in on other panels or see many of the shows as we were focused on our vending table and interviewing people – but we greatly enjoyed Abney Park, Unwoman, and Black Hearts Fencing! There were a few little mishaps, but Little Beard was fantastic at quickly resolving any issues we encountered. We greatly appreciate this!
Outside the vending room was the Airship Flight School with Nicolas the Red. Their airship setup is always pretty cool! It’s fun to get photos at the ship and to see people running around with little boat and balloons strapped on – although I didn’t see them running around this time. I was told that this time they were having little Airship battles!
We liked all the vendors, but we’re only going to cover the ones that really stood out for some reason or another. Brutus definitely stood out and he was pretty cool! Just inside the vendors room there was a Steampunk Pumpkin-man named Brutus, who was pointing the way to Enchanted Designs and Empty Space. These lovely ladies (Kat Kaufman and Suzanne Dome) were very friendly and approachable. Always smiling! They were clearly very enthusiastic about what they do, and with good reason. Out of everything, the Captain’s favorite was the resin leaves. They are real leaves hardened with resin. They were very lovely and perfect for fall! I also loved each of her costumes. There was a lot of creativity coming from this corner of the room.
The second thing that caught the Captain’s eye was the parasols at Lady Diane’s. They were the cheap paper parasols… they were made from lovely fabric. While the handles were wooden, the ribs that hold up the fabric appeared metal. The parasol looked far more sturdy than ones I’ve seen. They were also very pleasing to the eye!
Ivy’s Carnival Epsilon usually has a booth at most conventions we attend. They are both performers and vendors. Two of the most notable things at their table, for me, are the small vintage bottles and their Elixers. Their bottles are sturdy and dug up from where ever they can find them, and they make a lovely addition to any costume. The Elixers come in many flavors, and our crew mate Bennett Locke always gets their grape flavored Elixer. We remember meeting them, and their little dog too (Cotter Pin), for the first time at Oklahoma Steampunk Expo 2011.
Esquire Millinery had a fancy emerald hat especially made for EmeraldCity. It’s a gorgeous hat! If you love green, it’s perfect for you! If you don’t like green, it’s still quite amazing. If they still have it, I imagine it won’t be for long. Although, the Captain’s personal favorite on the table is the feathered mask.
Crane’s Post, with Michael and Lisa Crane, has the largest variety of items. Michael says that he travels all over the world – China, Korea, everywhere – and collects items to sell. While he does have a source for some manufactured items, he seemed to have several interesting finds. It was akin to a mini treasure hunt searching through his trove of three tables. We found an old vintage light that looked pretty steampunk and even a peg leg YARRR! he also had a Victrola that still worked.
Tea isn’t my thing, but a lot of people love tea. Tea also fits in well with Steampunk, because it was very popular in Victorian times, plus it’s use in dying clothing with “tea baths”. Herbal Alchemy was at EmeraldCity last year too. Most vendors and groups that I talk to don’t say much without lots of prompting, but not with Denise – I mean that in a positive way. Denise was happy to talk about Herbal Alchemy and was clearly proud of her work. It’s nice when someone has something to say about what they do or how they got started. She was at EmeraldCity last year and this year she made two custom teas – the EmeraldCity tea and the Victorian Romance tea. Her teas were very pretty, not just dumped in a bag, and it was obvious that she put some real work and research into her teas. Denise values good taste, good aroma, and good appearance  to her teas. This is evident if you spent a few minutes really looking through her product, as you can smell the herbal aroma from the bags. Herbal Alchemy is based out of Manhaten KS, and soon you’ll find her teas at the Little Apple Shop along side of cupcakes.
I had not stopped at Pendragon Costumes very much, but Matthew Merback’s charm attracted me. He’s a good looking man, but more noticeable was his way with the customers. I watched him and his partner (Ian) working their vending spot for the better part of 30 minutes or so. They worked hard! They were professional, but there was a humor about them as well. At one point, Superman was also showing a customer’s significant other how to lace a corset, because ladies can’t tie up themselves! Most guys don’t realize that they’ll be lacing corsets when their ladies buy one. Also worth mentioning was Matthew’s fantastic Steampunk Superman costume! How creative! Now, the owner of the store, Nicole Fullerton of California, has 20+ years of experience and they only sell at festivals and conventions right now. I am told that she also designed the steampunk coat that Nathan Fillion wore in Castle. Check it out sometime!
This was the first time seeing Roni Art Girl, and her merchandise and setup was adorable… like Roni herself. There was nothing on the table that we didn’t like. It was all Steampunk and accessories, and we all know that Steampunk costumes are built on accessories! The majority of her items are obviously for the ladies, but there were some necklaces and rings that looked appropriate for men too. Captain’s favorites where the little bottles of parts and the lace bows with keys.
I think we’ve managed to collect about 5 of the Time Traveler Outfitters business cards but had not yet been deep into blogging at those times. This time, we are, and I’m glad we got to interview them! At first glance, it was just another elegant steampunk clothing booth… but talking to her is where the gold is. Morgana Stitchwitch (Deborah Gerard) talked about how she values authenticity and quality. She also puts a lot of thought into their clothing, such as sewing on a strap of leather at the bottom of the men’s vest so that the belt doesn’t ruin the vest. Debra makes these clothes, so they aren’t made in China! When you are staring in the vending room unsure about which clothing vendor you want to buy from, stop and talk with them. You’ll know fairly quickly if they just want your money, or if they really put their heart into their craft. Of course all vendors want money, but believe me, there is a difference in quality and worth if the people making the clothing are putting their love and pride into their work!
We don’t often see Jeremiah and Kelly vending, so it was a nice surprise! Wasteland Salvage had some really cool leather top hats and compasses. They have a variety of items from clothing to leather scraps, cuffs, leather harness on a uniform, a gun holster, etc. Personally, I like Steampunk tables with a variety of things because it’s like having a mini treasure hunt and you never know what you’re going to find! If you ever see Wasteland Salvage at a local convention, pick something up because we don’t see them vend often!
Draco Sinister Blades was pretty awesome. They sold lots of shiny sharp things! The Captain and Hired Gun Bennett Locke stopped by to look over their swords, and we found the Kill Bill sword, Ichigo’s Sword from Bleach, and lots of other neat swords and daggers. In fact, that had a Hollow Mask (Bleach) hanging up too. Maybe our Hired Gun should invest in a badass sword for when he runs out of ammo. Kevin & Beth Purvis were really nice vending neighbors, as they were right behind us, and we enjoyed their company!
Black Hearts Fencing was pretty entertaining. There was a lot more humor than I expected. It was humorous to see the fake “dying” antics. If your leg was hit by a sword, you had to sit down, or if you got a fatal stab you had to “die”, etc. Some of the competitiveness was funny, but it’s kind of hard to explain. You had to see it!
Ranvaldir (Chris), Adriana & Norah
The Whovians, who we seem to run into a more lot often these days, were their in all their Doctor Who glory! Little Beard even built a Tardis in the middle of the hallway. How frickin’ cool is that?! I am obsessed with Doctor Who and I got some fun photos to share. We even brought our little owl mascot “Gallifrey” with us and got some photos with him.
We also stopped by the Save Ferris table, with Devvie and Davis, which is a charitable cause to help someone who ran into some pretty hard times. Ferris got laid off and then got very sick.  Just hearing what the community is trying to do for him choked me up. They are trying to raise money to help him get job training in a new field of work so that he can get back on his feet! It’s so wonderful when people come together to help others in need. Check out their website to find out more about them.
The Transformers Expo  was advertising and selling transformers at their table. Okay, so it’s not really Steampunk, but we love Transformers too! We really want to go, and we likely will be there (as just attendees I’m sure).
We got to see Unwoman perform last EmeraldCity too, and then again this time. We even got to talk to Erica and enjoyed her bright smile! She’s a lot of fun and can be pretty humorous. She also performed with Abney Park. Abney Park was awesome!  The ladies were hot and the lead singer Cpt. Robert Brown was really cool. If you are an Abney Park fan, you already know this! Josh Goering was like a mad pirate tearing up the guitar. Who knew a pirate could do that?! Now, Daniel Cederman really struck me as a calm cool dude and there was just something about him that seemed familiar. Then, I figured it out… he reminds me of Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe. They have a similar physique and demeanor. Bonus points for Daniel! The ladies (Jody Ellen & Kristina Erickson) were super talented and hope too, and it was a feat to pull the Captain’s eyes off the bouncing beauty! Titus Munteanu managed to draw my attention away from the feminine antics, with his brilliant Violin playing. He’s got to be my favorite band member. I loved hearing him play the Violin. The whole band was amazing. We were told that Jody was sick at EmeraldCity, but with her level of energy and enthusiasm, we couldn’t tell!  We really hope that Jody is feeling better.
Airship Nox, while not vending, was floating around having a good time. We love running into this crew because they have a lot of fun people and a big variety of styles and personas on the crew. Here’s Sky Marshall Marshal Rex Havokk (Ron Parker), Mechanic  Elijah, 1st Mate and Communications Officer Patchwork, Autopilot, Adrien Blanche, and Helmsperson Marriebelle (Hollie). If you haven’t met them, you should!
We also ran into Airship Vindus (Layla Anders, Lady Jade Summers, Dominic Stark, Gunslinger Judge, and Jacob Gunny McManus),  Airship Viroborov (Theo Turner (Joel Kimbrell)), Airship Domusexustio (Volk Maljik (Daniel Luckey), Pilot Christiana), Airship Cog (Joe Carver, he’s the quartermaster and surgery is his hobby! That’s his lovely wife and Nurse Patty.), Airship Lexington (Cpt. Sean Mac Taggart (Brian Swearingin)), Airship Noir (Catherine Moreau (Joanna) & Rosalind Meade (Lisi Chance)), and Airship Mercy (Frau Chef Luce (Katie Mintzmyer)).
Dale and his owl was pretty cool too. Just thought we’d throw that in here.
Also at last year’s EmeraldCity, we got photos taken at My Groovy Photos which we loved. So, we got some more photos taken this year too! We definitely recommend Mark’s photos. Here are our new crew photos – Cpt. Coppertop (me), 1st Off. Reinier (Dan), Bennett Locke, and Mad Moira. In the toy promo photo, it’s Cpt. Coppertop, Mechanic Toki (by TokiDoki / KidRobot), Hugo (octopus made by Jesse Thaxton), and Dickie (squid made by me). 
See the rest of our photos on our facebook!

Octopodicon 2012 Review

The convention seemed like it went by really fast, because we were very busy… in a good way! We always had something to do and we did a little bit of everything. We had our vending tables, panels, a makeshop, attended Professor Element’s Chaphop Class and performances, and even sat in the Charity Jail! There were some mix ups here and there, but that’s normal for a first year convention. In fact, things went fairly smoothly for a first year con! It was a lot of fun and we definitely want to participate next year too. We learned a few things ourselves on what we feel we can improve on – such as vendor table arrangement, makeshop planning/organization, and panel scheduling. We value the opportunity to learn and grow, and we can’t do that without the conventions that give us those learning experiences! Thank you for a great con, Noddy!

First, we want to say WELL DONE to our crew! Cpt. Joey Codere of Airship Avenger (our sister ship) vended with us for the first time. He had some well done gun mods on the table and did quite well with helping out at the table and in panels. Bennett Locke and Chris Froste (the twin with green hair in the photo), while not contributing any merchandise, tended the table quite a bit so that the rest of us could do panels and attend other fun activities. They did very well tending the tables and we appreciate it. Chris is a former crewmate who may be rejoining now that he has more time to go to events with us. Also, Deadlance‘s girlfriend Lindsay, while also not an official crew member, contributed some lovely mini-top hats, steampunk witches hats, and metal fans to the table! Our Captain bought a witches hat herself because they are so DARLING! I highly recommend one if you plan to go steampunk for halloween! Of course, in addition to his awesome leatherwork, Deadlance was a trooper and tended the tables more than anyone else. The Captain and 1st officer Reinier did well in the panels (at least we think so) and we got some compliments on our organizational skills (such as a paper with bullet pointed topics to keep us on track and not forget anything). At the end of the weekend, I am proud of my crew


Cpt. Coppertop and Cpt. Codere went around the convention on Sunday to get photos with the Airship MascotsToki and Mr. Cthulhu. For the guests and vendors who humored us, you get an extra KUDOS! The vendors were good fun loving people and NO ONE turned us down for photos! In fact, many of them posed in humorous ways and Toki was given a couple of presents ❤

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