Steampunk World of Wonderland

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful and innovative event! Come see us in Amarillo, TX on May 31st! We have a few things planned for this event that should be incredibly fun! Plus there’s carnival rides! This will be an event not to be missed by any fan of Steampunk!

Go to their Go Fund Me site (click the image) and help them make this event even more amazing!


Aether Roleplay System Beta Test

After 3 years in development, Airship Horizons is happy to announce that we’re entering the BETA phase of our LARP development. The Aether Roleplay System (ARS) is ready to be tested!

We’re looking for anyone who’s interested in Steampunk LARP to take some time and look over our system and if inclined, run a game using it. It’s designed to be exceptionally fast and easy to play. So players of all levels are encouraged to tell us your thoughts.

All we ask is that you give us your feedback! We want to know what you think!

Download Aether Roleplay System

Download SCARS vs. Order Setting for Aether Roleplay System

Report Bugs / Submit Suggestions

September Updates


Cpt. Coppertop & Grayson the Landshark

We’re all still alive and well, and having a good time! We haven’t blogged or posted to facebook much, as we’ve been through a lot of changes. After the tornadoes, the Captain and 1st Officer had a change in jobs – all good things and promotions. A good chunk of our time has been dedicated to adjusting to our new jobs and rescheduling our hobbies around that. However, we’ve all been enjoying ourselves, doing stuff together, and re-organizing the ship during the down time. We took this opportunity to hash out some improvements (both for the Airship and our personal lives) and explore new ideas. We want to be more than just in the steampunk scene, so you may see us venturing into other conventions as we go into the new year. Stay tuned for more!


Scarlet Rose


Our Mascots, Dickie & Hugo, enjoying Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Let out the KRAKEN!

Let’s talk about Krakens! People sometimes ask us how an octopus is Steampunk. That’s because of books like “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” which was published in 1870. Some authors back in that time liked using Krakens in their stories. Krakens are said to be giant legendary sea monsters that live off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. The legend of the Kraken may have originated from sightings of real giant squids! So, a Kraken could be a squid or an octopus (or some other giant sea monster)!

If you want your own Kraken, you can commision our BIG KRAKEN SQUID from Cpt. Coppertop, or our friend Jesse Thaxton’s BIG CUDDLEPUS! In the below photo is our Captain, Amelia “Coppertop” Reinier, with our little mascot Toki, Dickie (our kraken squid made by the Captain), and Hugo (made by Jesse).

We make smaller squiddies too! We sell our squids on the table with several other toys, so check us out if you see us at a convention. Here’s some fun photos with Dickie and Hugo:




Now, if you can’t afford a Kraken commission, you could always make one from the pattern created by the talented Emily G.! She shares her GIANT SQUID pattern for anyone who would like to make a squid for personal use. Emily loves seeing the squids that people make from her pattern, so please drop by her facebook! Thank you so much Emily ❤


Visit the original blog post where Emily first posted her pattern.