Convention Services

Airship Horizons offers a number of services to Steampunk Conventions and other events. Steampunk can be found in Anime, Gaming, Books, TV, and many other genres. We often explore other genres and try to cater our activities to the conventions. We are a flexible and easy to work with group and we can’t wait to work with you!


We specialize in Steampunk 101 panels for new groups highlighting our experiences with Conventions and breaking into Steampunk.  We also have specialized panels for roleplaying and persona development, which is not solely Steampunk. We offer exclusive in-depth write-ups of our panels so that Convention Staff can get a much clearer vision of what content goes into our panels. If you’d like to see our write-ups, please send us your email address and a list of which panels you are interested in. The panels we offer are:

  • Steampunk For Beginners: In this panel, we discuss how to break into Steampunk. This covers basic costuming, where to shop, basic mods, and where to find the community outside of Conventions.
  • How to start an Airship: We can tell you about starting an Airship from the lessons we’ve learned. We have experience from our travels and from others along the way. This is a discussion panel with a lot of participation by the audience.
  • Persona Development: This panel is about persona development. We’ll help you start your persona for roleplay, background story, or just for fun. This panel is good for any type of gaming, and especially for free-form or non-game  play-acting.
  • Building a Steampunk Community: We discuss ways to help build a Steampunk Community in your area. We’ll go over all the things we did to help build our regional group and how these experiences can help you with yours. This panel can be adapted to other genres of communities.
  • Steampunk Prop and Costume DIY: In this panel we will go over various ideas on how to construct props and costume pieces affordably. We will cover ideas on assembly and construction, places to find pieces and parts, and a few “what not to do” items. This panel is designed for audience participation.
  • Basic Nerf Painting: In this panel we will discuss the basics of disassembling a Nerf Gun and painting it. We perform this panel without actual spray paint being used in the building.
  • Online Roleplay: We’ll cover the do’s and dont’s of online roleplay. We cover god-moding  and ways of expressing your character in a well thought out and intelligent manner. This panel is good for any gaming community that likes to rp online.
  • Advanced LARPing: In this Panel we cover advanced roleplay techniques that are designed to inspire real emotions in the people you’re LARPing with and how to go to the next level of Live Action Role-Play. This panel is great for any kind of convention that features gaming.
  • Darkside of Steampunk:  This panel covers a more gothic style of Steampunk inspired by works of HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. We, also, talk about building a “Bad Guy” Steampunk persona. This panel includes Dark Steampunk characters “The Dark Cardinal Asthea” and “Ren Asthea” of the Dark Ministries.
  • Steampunk Anime Influence & Fusion (30 minutes): This panel was created for Anime conventions! We talk about the influence of Steampunk in Anime (and vice versa), including talking about what Animes there are with Steampunk themes, and how Anime has inspired what we do in Steampunk. We also tell you how to Steampunk your favorite Anime Cosplay, or how to fuse a Japanese-Steampunk costume. Please keep in mind that this is only a 30 minute panel at this time.
  • How Firefly Inspired Your Steampunk: This is a Round Table Panel, so audience Participation is required. In this Panel, we’ll discuss how Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity inspired us and our love for Steampunk. The panel will be guided by some questions we ask to the audience.


We offer Make & Take Workshops where participants purchase their session and get to take home what they make.

  • Handmade Softies – With purchase of a session, you get to make and take home a cute soft toy! This is a great for both children and adults who want to add something cute to their cstuming. They are easy, handmade,  beginners level sewing! The pattern pieces are pre-cut out for the session, as the pattern itself is not included. These are for personal use only. Each session will feature one of the following toys (a pre-determined toy prior to the convention):

Baby Kraken (often with embellishments) or Vintage Bunny (no scarf).

20130325_134226 midori1

Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki Anime), Soot Sprites (Hayao Miyazaki Anime), or Tribbles (Star Trek).

11064226_10155498251640495_1036977883_o 20130404_144828 soot 20130403_181806

Vendor Table

Airship Horizons has a small but interesting table known for our handmade toys and weapon props. Our toys include steampunk mascots, octopods, other animals, and a few anime-inspired softies. Our modified nerf guns are mainly steampunk but often include other genres, such as Halo, and scratch-built weapon props. Other members of our crew may include leatherwork items, such as bracelets, belts, and bags. The vast majority of our merchandise is handcrafted or modified by our crew members.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for merchandise and crew photos!

Blog Overviews & Promotions

With a press pass, we can interview guests and vendors, and take better coordinated photos for our blog overviews. Since we want to promote and maintain a positive image, we typically only write about the things we like from each event, and just don’t mention the things we didn’t like. This is why we call it an “overview” rather than a “review”.  In addition to the overview, we can offer weekly promotional teasers that remind people of the upcoming event and encourage them to attend.

In the future, we are working on plans to have a Google OnAir live stream check-in’s at the event, in which we can talk about the event and invite guests, vendors, other Airships, and such, to talk about the event with us. We’d log in at least once a day, and spend a little time talking about what’s going on, and let people stop by to say something positive!

Live Action Roleplay (LARP)

We offer a customized LARP system designed from the ground up to fit any Steampunk or Steampunk-friendly convention. Character creation and getting introduced to LARP couldn’t be easier for your convention! Players can simply pick two templates and fill out a few points and you’re ready to play! The system is integrated into the convention, so you don’t have to give up other important con activities in order to play in the game.

For more information about our LARP services, please see our LARP Page.

Cards Against Humanity Party

“What is Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.

Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.”

After hours event where people leave their sensibilities at the door! BYoB (if allowed). Airship Horizons will provide the CAH Deck and teach people how to play. This is a fun event that brings people together in the community through adult humor. Adults (18+) only party.

For more info about Cards Against Humanity, please visit


If you are interested in having Airship Horizons at your Convention, please feel free to contact us by any of the following methods:

Photos: The Crew

529335_445665042187491_1302249035_n 542838_381101771977152_1662505545_ncrew1 Captain Coppertop & 1st Officer Reinier



Photos: Dark Ministries (Dark Steampunk Personas)



Photos: Merchandise

ash2 ash3


ash9 ash10 ash11

6238_366640440089934_1739084978_n  ash12 20130307_092810 20130327_145755

ash21 ash22

480184_10152704509440257_1821668874_n Squirt Guns

Photos: Artwork



     3435_389929567761039_527118763_n 12599_390312981056031_847350441_n


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