Dark Ministries

Yes! We offer a “Darkside of Steampunk” panel.

Dark Steampunk is a gothic style of Steampunk inspired by the works of  authors like HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker. Your classic horror tales like Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein, and Jack the Ripper. If you like Edgar Allen Poe, then you’ll enjoy Dark Steampunk. These are our “Bad Guy” Steampunk personas; the sinister, the secretive and the spooky. While the 1800’s was a time of exploration and handcrafted beautify, it was also a time of learning; when medicine was brutal, traditions where strict, and beliefs were naive. There is a dark side to the romanticised Victorian Era.

The Dark Ministries is a fictional group created by Michelle Rogers (Cpt Coppertop/Ren Asthea) & Daniel Wright (Thomas Reinier/Cardinal Asthea). It is a setting for Dark Steampunk personas, as well as part of the SCARS vs Order larp (created by Airship Isabella). The Dark Ministries is a fanatical religious Division of The Order. They follow the teachings of the Father as religious doctrine. While the Father is not a god, they believe him to be a Prophet given to them by their God.

Conversion: Often working with the Propaganda subdivision of The Order, they attempt to convert others to the ways of The Father. However, they are known for a soft-handed approach, trying to convince them that The Father’s teachings are true and the correct path. That any other will only lead to destruction.

Internal Faith: Responsible for teaching the words of The Father to all members of the Order. They work with all Divisions to empower them with the faith that only the word of The Father can grant. The entire Order is their congregation.

Dark Covenant of Lazarus: The Covenant is known for its Zealotry for the Order. Also known as the Dark Inquisition they are willing to do any unsavory task for the good of the Father. Their Dark Rituals mixed with technology are often used as a means to interrogate prisoners and traitors of The Order. Members of this Sect can be identified by the burns around their eyes. These are a result of a Ritual they perform that allows them to see the truth of all matters where they rub burning ashes into their eyes.

SAM_2685 SAM_2719

Dark Cardinal Asthea & Sister Ren Asthea, and Dervish Zo’reh Sa’yeh.

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