Airship Horizons offers a Live Action Roleplay (LARP) system designed from the ground up to work in a Steampunk or Steampunk-Friendly convention. It is designed for the Aether Skies setting, but has also been adapted for the SCARS vs. Order world (created by Airship Isabella). Airship Horizons has a combined LARP background of over 25 years in both small scale LARP and running games for over 400 players.

Convention LARP is easy to setup and easy to get into. New character packages are provided to each player including:

  • A Quick Start guide.
  • Template Character Generation – Pick 2 templates and fill out some basic information and you’re done!
  • An armband used to indicate that you are a LARP player.
  • LARP Notepad and Pencil.
  • Schedule of important LARP scenes.

The LARP is designed to run all weekend with events on the schedule and unannounced “Secret Events” designed to surprise and intrigue players. A table for the LARP is set up and will be manned by a LARP Storyteller during the Convention to help answer questions and get new players involved. Advanced players will have the option to built a character using the in-depth system, if they prefer not to use the template system.

Storylines can range from Murder Mystery, Espionage, High Action, and War Stories. The LARP is a fun and exciting way to bring the Steampunk world to life! We’ll sit down with your community and craft a setting that is entertaining for your Convention or we can bring one of our own settings from the many we have at our disposal.

If you’d like us to run a Steampunk LARP at your convention, email us to work out the details.


LARP Beta Program

We are starting a Beta Program for the Aether Roleplay System (ARS). We encourage groups to download the document and run games using the system. We ask that you tell us about your experiences (good and bad). By downloading the ARS document, you agree to report all issues and suggestions to us via our Bug Tracking Form.


Download Aether Roleplay System

Download SCARS vs. Order Setting for Aether Roleplay System

Report Bugs / Submit Suggestions



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