Cpt. Coppertop, Toki (tiny bunny), Hugo (made by Jesse Thaxton), and Dickie (by me).

Meet Our Airship Mascots!

We have been called the “toy” Airship a few times, because we make and sell soft toys (Steampunk Mascots) and because we have toy mascots of our own. In our fictional background story, we build toy automatons that travel with us and help us manage the Airship.  So, each of our mascots has a role (or purpose) on the ship! We have real toys that we’ve bought, or have been gifted to us, that we’ve turned into official Airship Horizons Mascots and often bring with us to conventions. They are for display, self-promotion, and fun! We take lots of photos with them, and also have a toy blog that they appear in as well.

Toki Doki (Mechanic)

She’s our first and primary Mascot. Toki is a tiny toy mechanic who can fit into spaces in the ships engine without us having to take apart the engine! She’s a very clever and useful crew member. She’s also in many of our photos on facebook! Check our her own facebook for more photos and a more in depth biography! Toki goes everywhere with our Captain and even travels the world on She even has her own little house, with bed, table, and a collection of handmade items and gifts. We have a lot of fun with our mascots ❤



Dickie the Squiddy (Promotions)

Dickie Big Squid is designed and handmade by our Captain. He is our promotional toy, who gets photos with con-goers, and provides humorous entertainment at our vending table. Dickie is also on display as the largest toy commission we make-to-order. Let us know if you want a big squid kraken too!

540679_445345772219418_1316897094_n 20901_445345712219424_2142760598_n

SAM_0913 SAM_0604

Ash (Vending Table)

Ash, named after AirShip Horizons, is our Table Mascot. He is a Dodo and was handmade by our Captain for displaying with our toys on the vending table. He is also a primary mascot, but he’s more of our vending mascot. Here’s Ash with fellow mascots Toki and Gallifrey!

Pilot Hebert

Hebert is pronounced A-Bear. It’s french! He’s our backup pilot and navigator. He’s a shy bear, but he’s ladies bear! He has two girlfriends (gasp): Olivia Chocolate and Florentine Rabbit ❤


Chef Jaku

He’s a kraken in training and works in the kitchen. All those lovely tentacles are great for multitasking. Also, Japanese School Girls are not allowed in the kitchen.

Hugo (Kraken)

He’s our newest mascot! Right now, his job is to protect the ship and fetch things with his long tentacles…. he’s really more of a pet.


Gallifrey (Temporal Engineer)

Yes, he was named after Doctor Who (owls say hoo, right?). As a Time Lord, he’s our go-to owl for anything temporal related. He helps us with Aether Engine issues and Multiverse/Time travel. Plus, he’s generally just a pleasure to have around.


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