The Crew

Our Airship was formed April 15th, 2011. We are a small crew in Oklahoma City, but we’re very involved in the Steampunk community. We attend several conventions and social events throughout the year. We have an etsy store and are, also, active in facebook communities and in the SCARS vs Order LARP setting (including the online role play). You can view our available character biographies on our blog. We have our own game setting, called Aether Skies, that we are developing, and our characters are based out of that setting.

Our Crew: 



Crew Member Guidelines:

1. Community Guidelines – We expect all of our crew members to follow the community guidelines.

2. Reasonably Active – While we don’t require members to be local to Oklahoma or to attend all conventions, we do insist on our crew being reasonably active. This means that you should be involved in some way; whether it’s going to conventions or local social events, posting on any of the community or IC Facebook groups, contributing to our Airship Blog  (if earned), helping out at the vending table (if earned), or participating in some other way that contributes to the Airship or the community.

3. Communication – We need all crew members to have the means to communicate with us; whether in email, facebook, google+ hangouts, or phone. We would like all members to attend the occasional online meeting. We’ll also add you to the Airship Horizons group (required); and encourage members to join the COGS & SCARS groups.

6. Good Representation – All of our crew members represent Airship Horizons. We expect all crew members not to damage our reputation with disrespect, public outbursts of negativity, fostering drama, or other negative behavior that could bring negative opinions of our Airship. We understand that we can’t be perfect all the time, but we expect everyone to exercise good judgment a majority of the time.

7. No Drama – We also expect all crew members to avoid drama within the crew. If there is an issue, we can discuss it in private. We will not tolerate issues being broadcast publicly. We also expect all crew members to be respectful of each other, even if we don’t always agree, and try to work out any problems that arise. We also expect crew members not to be a source of drama, nor to bring their drama to the crew (with the exception of seeking guidance or mediation). We understand that we can’t completely avoid disagreements, but as long as it’s not interfering with other activities and it isn’t a constant source of frustration, there shouldn’t be a problem.

8. Vending & Panels – We have a separate set of vending and panel rules which will be available to crewmates to look over in private. These are internal confidential policies that are only meant for our crew. We expect all crewmates to respect and adhere to those policies.

9. Crew Privileges & Trial – We require that crew fledglings attend two conventions before they qualify to join the crew as an official member. However, this does not guarantee a full membership, as fledglings must be voted in and this could take more time on a case by case basis. Even after becoming an official crew member, there are privileges that may not be obtainable or must be earned. New members may not be immediately included in voting, vending, blogging, game development, and some specific projects. These aspects of the Airship are invite-only. We may sometimes include new members on specific instances when needed – which will serve as an opportunity for them to learn and demonstrate their strengths.

If you are interested in joining the Airship Horizons crew, please contact us on our facebook:

While we do take our Airship, vending, panels, and art seriously, we are all here to have fun. We are good natured people who aren’t too proud to be silly! If you happen to take a fun or silly photo of our crew, feel free to email it to us!

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